Wednesday 21 January 2009


The obstetrician called this evening. Yes, I know you forgot me but thank you for calling. We consulted our diaries, compared appointments and cycles and scheduled a 3d scan with a squirt of dye for 2nd March. A sort of HSG. With a possible hysteroscopy look-see just for the sheer fun of it. Nothing moves fast in the good old British national health service but a nudge here and there to the right secretary seems to help.

Evilfibroids, we're coming to get you on 2nd March. 3 days before George's due date. Just when I want to be visiting the hospital.

I moaned about my infection, ok yes, I cried at her about it and she's going to call my Dr and tell him to prescribe two weeks of more antibiotics. Oh joy. This will be round 4.

I wish I could have this test next week but at least I have a date and at least it isn't exactly George's date. I'll take the least of anything at the moment, it's been a bad day: (see previous post).

Tomorrow will be better.


  1. Patience is not a virtue I have when it comes to medical appointments and tests! I just want to yell at them "Enough of your agenda.... GET ON MINE!"

    Thinking of you and the day those evilfibroids get their comeuppence!


  2. Take good care, thinking of you, Ray, and George. I'm glad you have a plan and appointments in place.

  3. Dear Barbara, I don't know if tomorrow will be better, but it won't be today. It'll be a new day. And that's gotta count for something, right?

    I was scheduled for an HSG but I think I will luck out with a 3-D ultrasound instead as well (I hope I hope) No fibroids, just checking to see if there is any scarring since there had to be some scraping during delivery. Damned sticky placenta. :(

    I am glad that things are moving forward.



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