Sunday 4 January 2009


Dates I'm dreading in 2009:

Whatever date I'm scheduled for the it-sounds-like-an-HSG and possible-evilfibroidectomy.

Every day between 5th and 9th of March and probably the days before and after. The 9th was George's first due date, and the 5th was the adjusted date based on his healthy growth. I'll be booking holiday time as soon as I get back to work.

Mothers day.

Fathers day.

Each time day 28 of my cycle rolls around and I start bleeding.

20th October, George's birthday.

Every other day I will just:

Miss George.

Love Ray.

Search for tiny moments of pure joy.

Carry on putting one foot in front of the other.

Except for the dates I am looking forward to:

The day when two pink lines appear or the digital ones that say "pregnant" (I used four "two pink lines" tests and one "pregnant" test with George. I couldn't believe it had actually happened!).

The day we take our new baby home with us.

The day we get married. (not an actual date yet)

Today and every day I'm in love and loved.


  1. I took many tests too...couldn't believe my eyes...
    I hope the 'looking forward to' days come soon for you & Ray.

  2. I hope the dates you dread are easier than you anticipate and the ones you look forward to, even more joyful.

  3. Well, I have not been very lucky with the 'tests'.

    Hope things get better soon! And please take care of yourself. You sound so broken. I wish I could find some solidly comforting words. I am at a loss.

  4. I love these words: Today and every day I'm in love and loved.

    I am hoping the days you dread go by quickly. The ones you want last a little longer.



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