Tuesday 20 January 2009


I'm being punished for my rebellious thoughts of trying for a baby too soon by a sharp twisty stabbing pain in my lower left side. I think it's an evilfibroid letting me know that my uterus belongs to them and there's no room for a baby. Yet.

Oh but they don't know what's in store for them do they? Bwahahahah. <-evil laugh.

I know it's nonsense but there's a lot of non-sense in my head these days.

I think they forgot about me at the hospital because yesterday I spent quite a while trying to explain to three different secretaries that I'm supposed to be getting an appointment for tests. There was a lot of umming and ahhhing followed by, "I'll just put you through to". With each phone call I felt I was getting closer to the inner sanctum of gynaecological wisdom. Maybe not. I'm still waiting for the last secretary to call back. She promised.

Today I think I'm losing it, but not in an entirely bad way.


  1. Oh Barbara, I laughed so hard at your evil laugh!

    I know this is a terrible situation and I shouldn't laugh but I am happy that you can write like this.

    There maybe no room for a baby yet. But the keyword there is YET!

    I hope you get a call back.

    Thinking of you..... and your evil laugh !

  2. If you ever reach the inner sanctum of gynecological wisdom, can you tell them to call me back after they speak to you, please? I have some things I'd like to discuss with them.

    Get those tests and zap those fibroids!

  3. Wow....I detect humour in the post! Good for you...and hope the secretary calls back soon!

  4. Oh there's always been humour, but it's just now peeking out from under the wreckage.

  5. I hate bureaucracy, especially in healthcare.
    "Bye, bye, evil fibroids, your days are numbered" (spoken in deep gravelly voice while rubbing my hands.)



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