Thursday 15 January 2009

Second day of work

They broke into my locker while I was off sick. "We did it together" boss told me as I asked for my things, as if that made it better. I had a legal document in there relating to my parents will and bits and pieces that weren't important. There are only 8 lockers and apparently the new rule is that no one has their own special locker any more. You use it for the day and empty it when you leave. Fine. But really, a phone call too difficult?! I live a 10 minutes walk from work and I haven't been bed-bound. Let. It. Go.

Boss had a good moan about the cold she'd had for 3 weeks that put her in bed for a few days. Hmmm... Bite. Tongue.

I had amassed a small collection of donated items for our baby. (Not paid for, just put aside) I have a cot, a stroller, a swing, a bath, and a few clothes, toys and books. They are all stored in the shop. My friend Tracy who volunteers in the shop has been protecting them. I'm going to take it all home. I'm going to keep them in what would have been George's room until George's brother or sister can get the benefit of them. Colleague threw her hands up in horror, "It's bad luck, you can't take it home!". My response, "Well leaving it here didn't stop me losing my baby did it?". Oh oops did I mention the unmentionable? Stupid superstitions. If you have a baby and keep the baby stuff for your second child are you tempting fate? Of course not. I'm just being practical and prudent. I'd rather store it in an attic but since we don't have one the spare room will have to do.

I worked my socks off today, up and down stairs all day, was it enough? Of course not.

I need a new job, sod the maternity benefits.

Home, shower, candles, dinner made with love, smile, breathe and relaaaaax...

Today I'm looking for a new job.


  1. Oh Barbara congrats on surviving day two. I hate these twittering fools you work with! New job does sound in order...

  2. Wow. They do set a record for denseness and insensitivity, don't they? I'm with you- new year, new job. Care to join Sarah and me at our fantasy bookstore jobs?

    You are way better than they deserve. Hugs.

  3. Ooh fantasy bookstore sounds interesting.

    Just happens to be the worst time to search for a new job around here but I'm a looking!

  4. shaking my head at those rotten cows.

    Barbara, I think any other job would be better! Hope you find something lovely though :)
    Love to you

    Carly x

  5. I have a dissertation of the benefits of holding Emma's things for her sisters...shall I send it to that lovely lady who thinks she knows all about your grief?



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