Saturday 3 January 2009

The long way

We don't take short cuts, rather we extend our journeys. We always drive home the long way, often the very long round about, through another town way home.

It's costing us a fortune in petrol but we don't care.

Consequently, in the three weeks we've owned our car we have driven 1000 miles on what was already a dodgy clutch which has now given up almost completely. We drove the last 10 miles home today the short way, still along the country roads, in the dark, with an engine revving madly, a burning smelly clutch and a very stressed poppet.

We both breathed a sigh of relief when we finally parked in our street.

Hopefully next week Ray's dodgy retired-mechanic friend with dodgy knees will talk him through removing the old dodgy clutch and fitting the new non-dodgy one that we bought before Christmas. We have a lot more driving to do.

And you know what; I much prefer the long way home.


  1. I hope the price of petrol has decreased so you can enjoy a smooth, non dodgy, long ride home.

  2. I prefer the long way home too Barbara. I so love hearing about your drives.... so I hope this new clutch really doesn't turn out to be a dodgy one :)



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