Friday 30 January 2009

A postcard from my limboland

Slightly dim and out of focus, I'm sending this from one possible future back to the here and now to remind myself (and you if you need reminding) that this moment will pass and so will the next and the next and so on until we're holding that elusive live baby.

This may not be in my future, who knows, I think it will, I hope it will but I don't know.

And if it isn't, then right there is the shadow of the George-that-would-have-been and look at him being lovingly cared for by his parents who miss him and might one day find some peace without him.

And of course, this is someone else's here and now. It's not us. Ray has less hair and is taller and I have more weight and less skirts.


  1. Wonderful reminder. Thank you.

  2. though it is sometimes hard to believe, you WILL find peace despie losing george. it will be long coming, hard won, and sometimes waning, but it will come.



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