Thursday 1 January 2009

Grumpy and Bitchy

The great man-flu epidemic of one is nearly over. The smell of medication is slowly leaving the house, the complaining, moaning and stinky bad mood have all nearly gone and the amusing wish to go-and-beat-the-crap-out-of-whoever-infected-him is abating (I blame pc shootemup games for that attitude). Yes dear, you've been in a lot of pain, your throat really really hurt. I get it, I do, but let me remind you about the pain I've been through; it was much worse than this... (as if you need reminding, you were there feeling it with me).

Oh hello, excuse me but let's get the attention back to me me me and my woes.

I ovulated yesterday, I think, I don't always feel it but there was some pain, aching and the timing was right, and all I was thinking was, oops there goes a wasted egg. For goodness sake we won't even be trying to make a baby until evilfibroidthings are tested and possibly zapped. But now, at my advancing age, every egg seems like a missed chance. I wish I could put them on hold until I need them. Just one good one. Just one.

And hey, if I'm healthy enough to not catch man-flu then why... no no, best not go there.

Oh yes, and happy new year again everyone! Really, I mean it, we all deserve a little happiness dammit.


  1. The words 'happy new year' seem almost ironic this time round, don't they? Thinking of you and sweet George.

  2. Yes, I've heard it a few times today and I feel I want to say, what happiness? Oh that's for other people without dead babies isn't it?

  3. No happiness in this corner of the globe either. You'll catch a good egg, and it will be soon Barbara xo

  4. Very excited for you that the man-flu didn't morph into a woman variety!

    Your day is coming. xoxo



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