Monday 19 January 2009


I found these photos today and I thought I'd share them.

This is my Dad as a boy on holiday with his father and grandfather and hidden sister in a rather wonderful perambulator. My Dad's father died at 60. Ray's Dad died at 38. Ray will be 38 in June and is apprehensive of how he will feel as he becomes an older man than his father. My Dad had similar feelings.

My Dad playing his fathers piano in the house where I grew up. Very spacey looking heater to the bottom left of the photo and is that an ashtray on a stand to the right?! My Mum cured him of that habit! My Dad's memory is not so good these days and he repeats himself quite a lot and often tells me the story of how he trained our dog to play that piano and also of how he used to terrify my brother and I by reading fairy tales. I remember Dad, I won't forget. The piano went to my cousin when they moved into a smaller place and he plays a keyboard now and does it beautifully.

My Mum looking beautiful and so happy and I believe, pregnant with my older brother.

My brother and I on holiday somewhere. Apparently I was quite ill on this holiday. I remember playing on that tractor. Neither of us grew up with blond hair.

Ray and me before we got pregnant, before we found sad and before we became even closer but right about the time when we realised that we two were already a family.

Our sweet George made with love and lost with sadness. I wonder if his hair would have started out blond and become brown. I look at that perfect little nose and I cry. I wish I had more and/or better photos. I wish I wish I wish.

Today I'm reminiscing with love.


  1. Wonderful photographs...really! Quite a picture-peek into your life! I am sure Ray must be having a lot of trepidation and mixed feelings over turning that age when his father lost his life. I am hoping that everything will go well...everything.

    So much for love.

  2. fabulous pics and memories, thanks for sharing.

    I hope Ray gets regular health checks and watches whatever took his elders. Triple S has had all his stuff screened at my insistence and we try to eat heart healthy, since both sides of his family have had heart problems at moderately young ages. He used to think I was nagging him, but now he undestands.

  3. You know, Barbara, I've been meaning to tell you...Since you changed the picture of you and Ray on this site, I have come to realize how much of both of you I see in George. I think he has Ray's mouth.

    Wonderful pictures- thanks for sharing your family with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics and memories. xoxo

  5. A perfect snapshot of your life, then and now. I just know that look of refreshed, pregnant beauty will be yours again. Soon.

  6. Reminiscing with sincere thanks for sharing, what wonderful pictures and stories too. The picture on the tractor is beyond adorable.

  7. Thank you for sharing your family with us. And Georges nose - its

  8. pleasure to get this sneak preview of your beautiful family.

  9. Incredibly beautiful photo's and memories. Thank you for sharing some little stories with us. I so enjoy coming here Barbara.

    I wish along with you. I regret so much from that special day. I am working on this letter!

    Sending you so much love across the sea. George is beautiful. Him and Christian have similar button noses. I cry when I look at his too. I imagine George to have strawberry blonde hair for some reason, just like my little River.


  10. I love the pics of your folks. There's something wonderful behind every smile.



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