Tuesday 27 April 2010


We had a new bed delivered today. It's fluffy and bouncy, springy and enormous and I think I need a stool to climb up into it!

And do you know what? I miss our old sagging, creaking, back achingly uncomfortable budget bed that was mine before it was ours already.

We made "us" in it and we made George in it.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Kitteh update

Thank you dear kitteh experts out there for your support and help (and dearest non-kitteh expert for your support always!)

Just hearing that some of you have dealt with similar situations put my mind at ease and convinced me that we'd sort out our feline's freakiness.

That's what I love about this community; you hold me up when I'm sagging under the weight of grief, offer advice on babymaking technicalities (well some of the technicalities!), laugh with me at my attempts at cooking, cheer my on when I start making memory jewellery, marvel at our garden or our adventures, and jump in with kitteh psychology and sympathy when I'm at a loss. Thank you. I can't say it enough. Thank you.

I hope one day to be asking for mothering advice. I hope.

The cats were kept apart yesterday and much of this morning, with a couple of incidents needing scruffing (painless and easy) and this morning both sat on opposite ends of the bed for a while. (yay)

There was some hissing and staring and general standffishness which tapered off through the afternoon with plenty of distracting play (laser pens are great) until finally this evening Sketch was grooming himself and Lyx walked up to him and shoved her head in his way which is her indelicate way of asking for some grooming and quite possibly saying "I forgive you let's be friends". Sketch isn't being quite so dominant and finally we have PEACE! Hopefully it will last!

HUGE sigh of relief from us.

And two kittehs snuggling up with us on the sofa....

And I almost added as it should be; but of course it's not how it should be at all.

Monday 19 April 2010

The incident in the night time

All of a sudden our happy loving kittehs hate each other.

Last night at around 1am we were woken by an unholy racket coming from the kitchen. Scuffling noises and then screaming kittehs.

We dashed into the kitchen thinking one of them was injured (or they were killing a burgler) and there they were, posturing, growling, screaming and all puffed up. Screaming! My little darlings were screaming at each other.

They are litter mates, both neutered and sleep together, groom each other, play together and dammit, they DO like each other! You've seen photographic evidence!

My theory is that our girl kitteh Lyx, while engaged in her usual night time hobby of trying to escape from the (reinforced portcullis) cat flap, and was surprised by Sketch, our boy kitteh. Ensuing freakiness, staring, puffed upiness, growling posturing and yelling. Just a theory.

Anyway. After consulting Dr Google we are becoming feline psychologists and we WILL sort these silly kittehs out. The cats have been separated for much of the day and we are trying a "parenting" technique. Hissing at the cats for being mean and then "scruffing" them. Which means gently pushing them down by the scruff of the neck until they "submit" or roll over and relax. The posturing has stopped but the freaky nervous growly behaviour hasn't.

These two are my therapy cats. They came to us just before George's due date last year and have sat beside me and listened to me snivel and weep without judgement for over a year. It breaks my heart that they suddenly can't tolerate to be next to each other.

If any of you kitteh lovers out there can offer any other advice it would be much appreciated.

Thursday 15 April 2010

Days like these

There are days, sometimes quite a few, when I give in to superstitious thinking and believe wholeheartedly that the universe really doesn't want us to have a living child.

On sunday my Mum went into hospital (first ride for me in an ambulance). She recently developed asthma and on sunday had a pretty horrid episode. 5 days later she's home and feeling much much better. It was scary and stressful to say the least.

My Dad has alzheimers, albeit fairly mild at the moment, and needs some support. And company. So I have been staying with him. They have a one bedroom flat and I started off on a camp bed in the living room. Oh hell it creeeeak creak creaked all night long, so the next night I artfully arranged the sofa cushions (feather filled, very posh) in a line, placed a rug over them, followed by the camp bed mattress, a folded duvet and a sheet. It was at least a foot high and I think I started getting this ready at about 9.30. I slept better. But that probably had more to do with knowing that my Mum wasn't on a ventilator and/or dying. 

Oh yes, and no internet connection and fruitless attempts to hack into the hotel next door's wifi = aaaaargh!

4 nights away from my Poppet!

Two weeks after we got together he had pretty much moved in and since then the only times we have been apart have been my hospital stays during my pregnancy and after losing George. Even though we don't live far from my parents and Ray has been with us for visiting and dinner, it has been really difficult to be apart.

The neatness of my Mums hospital stay coinciding with my 4 most fertile days this month is... ahhh... whatever. I won't be pregnant this month but my Mum is fine and I spent some nice time with my Dad.

I missed you folks too.

Thursday 1 April 2010

Small miracles

Our garden is starting to burst into life.
Yesterday we planted over a hundred summer flowering bulbs and seeds.

The back back garden has changed from this:

 To this:

All my herbs have new homes in which to spread their feet and a few new plants have joined them. 

Green is spreading. 
(pots on the gravel to foil the dastardly slugs)

Tiny forget me not seeds are starting to shoot.

We went from this:

To this:

My parents bought us a forsythia bush that looked much bigger at the garden centre.

Our Rose is growing beautifully.

At the end of our garden is a patch of wet cliff where the rain water filters through. Under this patch is a shelf of barren dusty rock. In a gap in the rock, in the dust, where the rain drips, this plant found it's home and is growing.

Small miracles indeed.

I would very much like one of those please.


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