Sunday 25 January 2009

Nothing much.

Nothing much has happened today.

There has been no trauma and there have been no tears. I have no profound thoughts to share, not that I generally think of my thoughts as being profound, you understand, but I don't even have not-very-profound-but-mildly-interesting thoughts to share. So I'm just typing...

I've had my daily dose of blog reading and done a bit of commenting. I don't quite know how I would cope without you lovely bloggers, readers and commenters. You keep me going and understanding. Thank you. I suppose even though nothing much happened my heart is still healing in the background.

We've been for a short walk. Short because I overdid it a bit when I went back to work and have damaged my heel and I'm limping a bit. It will heal though, my heel will heal, and hopefully soon. It's nothing to fret over. No trauma.

Walking home, through a gap in the buildings, the sun shone out from behind the clouds and lit up a slice of sea and I thought of George. Not that I ever not think of him but, well, you know... I'm learning to think of him as part of the world around us.

I hope you've all had uneventful sundays.


  1. Cheers to lazy quiet Sundays. I wish every day were like this.

  2. I wish we all had more of these days. I'll drink (some herbal tea) to more of them!

  3. That's a beautiful little post there. Imagining your son as part of the world around you...that's something I should try to consciously do more often.

  4. My day was absolutely uneventful. I am loving it. I am so glad to hear you too shared a few moments of nothing.

  5. It's been crazy here, but I have been thinking of you, Ray, and George. I'm glad you had a quiet day.

  6. Somehow I missed this post. What a lovely little surprise it was for me to find. I love the photograph.

    They are all around us Barbara x



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