Thursday 1 January 2009


I don't believe in new years resolutions. You never keep them for longer than a week or so and then all you feel is disappointment in yourself and I know that one day passing into a new year doesn't make any difference to the universe...

However 2009 will be my year to make another baby with Ray and give birth to him or her, at the right time and alive, screaming and kicking... oh, I suppose the giving birth part probably won't happen until 2010 depending on test results and possible evilfibroidectomy. So much waiting. But it will happen.

So there.

Today I wish so much peace and joy for everyone who needs it and babies for those trying... oh yes, lots of living, screaming, kicking, giggling, gurgling, pooing, peeing, puking (not too much puking) wonderful, marvellous babies please.


  1. Yes I love it! You are wonderful Barbara, I wish right along with you!

    Beautiful first post of the year!

    Love Carly x

  2. indeed, lots of messy loud babies for all of us. wishing you peace and love in the new year. xoxo

  3. Happy New Year, Barbara! Hope 2009 is a magical year for you!

  4. 2009 WILL be the year. Hoping you have a beautiful day, Barbara. xoxo

  5. Perfectly said! Barbara - you are a pillar and your children will know that even as the kick you, poke you, and puke on you!!



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