Thursday 26 April 2012

29 weeks

We bought a pram! Holy crap how's that for optimism?! It's a second hand bargain from eb.ay arriving tomorrow. This one in red. With the carrycot, footmuff and raincovers for a whole hellofalot less than the new price.

After buying it I was panic stricken for a while. Should I have? Is it too soon? Am I tempting fate? Wait a moment. I don't believe in fate. And then I got over it. Sort of. It was a bargain! And now we just have to get this seat to go with it for when he's older. Well, I have to. At some point. One day. Eventually. Ray reminded me that we might need the money for nappies and clothes too... ah budget babystuff buying!

I saw my midwife on Tuesday and all is well.

Apparently I have "really strong" stomach muscles (or tight and sore from my point of view) and she had a hard time finding out how Marmaduke was lying. Oblique, head down, again. 6 pack? Moi?

Ray recorded Marmaduke's marvellous heartbeat but the file got lost on the way to the computer. Try again next time.

I had a growth scan yesterday and all is well. He's slightly above average which shows the placenta is working well. We took my Mum to see her grandson on screen for the first time and she has been smiling ever since. It was so nice to see her joy. We were given a lovely picture which you can see here. Marmaduke was head up this time.

The consultant again brought up the subject of induction at 39 weeks. Sigh. I told her I wasn't keen and she put her head in her hands (!) I trust the consultant and she knows our history intimately so I will probably (reluctantly) go along with it in the end as my nerves become more and more frayed. (Note to self: must stop poking baby while he is sleeping, especially when he is out)

I have an occasional sore spot on my belly which she poked and told me is one of the evilfibroids which this time is not indenting into the uterus at all and quite small. A patch of uterus that won't stretch as much as the rest. I'm still getting ligament pain but that's because of my ancientness and my superhero belly muscles. Ahem. How,  how is it possible to have strong stomach muscles under a flabby unexercised belly? How???

So. 11 weeks to go if I'm brave/foolish enough.

Or 10 if I'm induced.

Or maybe a teeny bit less if anyone has any tips for bringing on labour at 38+ weeks???


Best think of a name then eh?

Thursday 19 April 2012

28 weeks

Pardon me and excuse me very much but...

Bloody flipping hell!

I never thought I would be here at 28 weeks with Marmaduke doing a bit of diy on my bladder and trying to shove the laptop off his bump with a jujitsu move if I dare to let it rest there for a moment too long.

I'm amazed at every day that passes.

I gaze in awe and wonderment at my rolling shifting belly.

I pass the hall mirror, catch my own eye and have to pause. Is that me? Goodness I am huge and becoming more huge by the moment (an inch a day according to Ray).

There's a real live baby in there?

There's a real. live. baby. in. there.


I'm starting my third trimester aren't I?

I haven't heard from the hospital about my GT test which I'm taking as good news since they say they will only be in contact if there is a problem.

Amy and Jason's Seamus arrived safely. Isn't that just utterly wonderful!

Thursday 12 April 2012

27 weeks

I had my Glucose tolerance test yesterday. Yuk.

Hopefully I don't have GD and hopefully if I do we can control it with diet.

Marmaduke kicks more and more, seemingly all the time.

It's wonderful. It's amazing.

27 weeks! Can you believe it?! I have to keep mentally pinching myself.

Thursday 5 April 2012

26 weeks

I lay on my left side on the sofa and Ray prodded my hip/bum area to find the pain spot.

The physiotherapist recommended four or five minutes of firm pressure on this spot each day to try and release the spasm that neither of us can feel but must be there because the pain is there and quite real.

He found the spot and I yelped and tried to relax. Oh but it felt sharp. Four minutes later I breathed a sigh of relief and sat up to lie the other way. Rinse repeat. As we have been doing for the last week or so.

Except that this time the pain spot on my left hip was absolute and utter agony. I yelled and the tears started to flow. And that was that. I could not stop crying.

All of the fears, the stress and the tension of the last few weeks and months were released seemingly  in one moment. I cried and blubbed and told Ray everything that had been niggling, bothering or frightening me. All the bits that I keep to myself because he is scared too and of course I feel the need need to protect him from my internal hysteria.

Ten minutes later and I felt better. My hips still hurt but the emotional release was worth the pain.

During all of this Marmaduke kicked and rolled and jabbed and budged and tinkered.

All is good.


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