Tuesday 27 January 2009

Popping pills in limboland

Round four. I have to get this little lot of antibiotics down in two weeks. Unfortunately I can't take them all at once and get it over with. I have to take one, four times a day, an hour before eating or on an empty stomach. I'm not entirely sure if there are enough hours in the day when I'm an hour before eating and how long after eating is your stomach empty?

The instructions tell me I should consult my doctor before taking them if I'm thinking of becoming pregnant. Oh hell, I'm officially in limboland now. No more rebellious thoughts of getting pregnant too soon. Well, no acting on rebellious thoughts of getting pregnant too soon.

My new to do list for 2009/10:
  1. take pills,
  2. take vitamins including copious amounts of folic acid
  3. get 3d hsg type scan
  4. zap/strangle/slice evilfibroids
  5. get pregnant
  6. stay pregnant
  7. take live baby home
  8. live happily ever after
(I'll need some help with no's 3-8)

And I'll be in limboland until the last task on that list has been completed.

Today I'm wondering when I last ate and when I'll eat again...


  1. OK, Barbara- time to end this little competition. I, too, am on round 4 of antibiotics. Shall we just call it a draw after this round and get on with things?

    Seriously, blah to limboland. Here's to a quick exit.

  2. Dammit and I thought I was winning!

    OK. It's a deal. No more infections and antibiotics.

    Oh yes, I want out!


  3. Oh yes, we'll organise a mass escape.

    The most wonderful thing would be for us all to be able to begin writing about our pregnancies after loss and support each other through the fear.


  4. That is a lot of thinking about food - or not about food - or, jeez I'm already confused.

    Are you working right now??

  5. No Cara, I'm not at work now and I honestly don't think I'll be going back. And I'm quite happy with that!

    Now to find a new job... not on my to do list strangely :o)

  6. Sounds kinda like my list, kust a few HUGE things!

  7. I hate those antibiotics with all the meal timing restrictions. (2 hours after a meal is okay for the medication fyi). I think I told the doctor about 5 years ago I was allergic to them. What a bad nurse, bad patient I am! Ah well. I am here to support you for all the items on your list.

  8. Thank you for the information Martha. I'll try to find two hours when I'm not eating during the day!

    And thank you for your support. It is much appreciated!

    Ya Chun, yeah, nothing trivial.

  9. I'm organising the escape committee.

    Gah, if only wishes worked, the combined strength of all our wishes for ourselves and each other would get us the hell out of limboland.

  10. Popping pills is a sucker... I am so sad that you have to take so many of them and at such a high frequency. Yay lady, wishing everything goes your way, from 1 to 8! All the way!



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