Saturday 3 January 2009

A plague on both your houses!

Yesterday evening, whilst I was in the kitchen generously letting Ray snore through his turn to cook dinner, he woke up itchy and scratchy and covered in what looked like hives. "I'm covered in buboes!" He wailed, stripping off in the kitchen and dashing for the shower.

Quick internet search: hives can be caused by an allergy to a cold or flu virus and usually appear after the virus has done it's worst. Poor guy has never had hives before and thought he had the plague, or measles or mumps or meningitis.

Ok, In full nanny mode now (more about the nannying another time) I took charge. I knew we'd find a use for that Sudocrem sample that came from the 12 week scan freebie pack. We covered him with said cream, ate a bit of dinner and then went to the midnight pharmacy and bought stupidly expensive antihistamine pills.

From the pharmacy car park the crescent moon shone beautifully through the clouds. We chased it home the long way.

Today he's fine. No more hives, no more itching.

But he's hatching another plot to get the person who infected him and attach thumbscrews...

Hmmm... today it's not all about me ... again.


  1. Poor Ray! Glad to hear the hives have left!

    I too have been admiring the crescent moon down here in Australia :)

    Love to you Barbara

  2. Oh, yuck! Poor Ray. Glad the itching has subsided.

    Hope the next few days give you guys a much-deserved break so you can get back to the snuggling.

  3. Hope Ray mends soon!

    And Barbara, out here in deadbabyland, its always as much about you as you need it to be.




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