Saturday 10 January 2009

Vague ideas of possible plans

You know how we all feel such a powerful need to hold tangible reminders of our lost babies? I write his name on everything! George George George, there, even typing it feels good. As if by saying and writing it makes him more present, more here in the world.

I have been looking at some of your beautiful pieces of jewellery thinking of ordering something with George's name and date of birth or just "George, made with love" and it all appears to be outside the UK. Just checking Etsy and all the prices are in $, there are some lovely pieces there if anybody is looking.

So I started thinking. I do a lot of thinking, in case you hadn't noticed.

I used to make jewellery. I took a silversmithing course a few, well, a whole lot of years ago and I loved it. I made a ring, some earrings and a brooch. Hang on, I could do this myself. I could do this myself. For myself and Ooh, hang on again, maybe just possibly for others.

So I made a list of what I need. Not too much to start with. I have a little sheet silver left over from the course (20 years ago, now I think about it!) pre-cut shapes would be easier. A new saw and fine blades. A fine drill bit. Some polishing materials. A few findings. A set of letter and number punches.

Not much.

Money is tight at the moment but I'm seriously thinking this could be a small business idea for me in the future. Not an original idea by any means, it's all out there already just not so much in the UK. However, I do know that it's an idea that works from my own desire and search to find something.

I suddenly see myself hammering tiny names into silver with peacefully sleeping baby nearby. Yes, yes, I know, hammering and sleeping don't generally go together but our live baby will be perfect and sleep through anything and I'll have nothing else to do while he or she is doing the sleeping. Hey, don't laugh, this is my little fantasy!

This might come to nothing at all and the most I'll do is make something for myself but even that will be worth it.

Today I'm thinking of mustering up a little enthusiasm.


  1. That sounds like a lovely idea, such a dear and precious way to honor and remember your son, George. It would be a service to other parents in the UK who have lost a baby.

  2. I love this idea- a wonderful service to other women and to yourself, made with love. You know, Barbara, this is the most enthusiastic I've heard you sound in a good bit. This post really made me smile.

  3. Yes, I seem to have found a little enthusiasm for something when I really need it. I can't muster up any for going back to work. I wonder whether it will last.

  4. ooh I love etsy. spend far too much money there. damn shitty australian dollar conversion rate....
    and loving your new found creative impulses!

  5. good idea! start saving - and maybe you can take another quick class - no that you know what you want to make you can focus on the right techniques!

  6. I love that vision and although your next baby might not sleep through ANYTHING, you will be amazed what they CAN sleep through!

    I've held off on any Emma jewlrey. I'll wait for yours.

  7. I think this is a beautiful idea. Your baby will probably sleep through hammering - heavens mine sleep through the sound of the vacuum cleaner!

    I hope that you create yourself a piece of love for George:)

    Thank you for sending me love yesterday. My heart is pretty heavy at the moment.


  8. That is such a wonderful idea...Are you planning to do it just for George or would you start doing the pieces in general....

  9. Thank you for the encouragement ladies. I hope I can hang on to it.

  10. I also make jewellery, though I focus on beads. I just made a bracelet that was supposed to with a pendant I had made through a silversmith with a blue baby and angel wings and a halo.

    Fortuantely or not, the bracelet turned out to be way to bling to go with the pendant. Lol - its beautiful though - so my baby continues to be my inspiration ;)

    Go forward with with it! Let George be you angel muse.



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