Thursday 5 March 2009

Every day is a George day!

Here I am again on my fourth post of the day! The first was to my son.
the second was to me, the third was about my day and this one, well Just look at this! This one is about gratitude.

Isn't it amazing!

Carly, I cried so many happysad tears when I saw this beautiful remembrance of our son.

It is absolutely stunning and it took my breath away. Thank you for honouring his memory yet again!

What a mix of incredible beauty and unending sadness you live with, and what an amazing gift you give of yourselves.

Your kindness and support mean so much to me.

Thank you a million billion times and even that is not enough!


And did you see what Carly, Sam, Scarlett, Christian and River did in remembrance of George? Wow, what an amazing and utterly perfect day. What a wonderful adventure. I always think of Christian as being such presence in Carly's family, I think he's always there with them, in their hearts and all around them. As are all our babies.

And look at this!

Sally, thank you so, so much for this beautiful gift. Thank you for taking time out from your holiday to remember George. It's wonderful to think of my son remembered all over the world.

Thank you for the comfort you give with your words of encouragement and love. Thank you for sharing Hope Angel and sharing your journey through grief with us. Your words are a gift.

I think of you and sweet beautiful Hope often.


I think of all our sweet lost babies and imagine wrapping them all up together in a blanket of love. Oh I've encountered so much love around here it should be bottled! I wish that one day we could all meet and laugh and cry together and talk about our babies without wondering if we were upsetting someone or feeling out of place.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and incredible wonderful amazing marvellous support over the last 4 months and especially over the last few days. There simply aren't enough words to express my gratitude. Nowhere near enough.


I'm glad I didn't make a big thing out of George's due date and I'm glad we didn't plan anything in advance. We took it a step at a time as we do every day without our son. In the end for us it didn't need marking. Today I just hugged him a little tighter in my heart. Tomorrow we're taking him on an adventure.

Every day is a George day.

Every day we go on an adventure is a day we honour our son. Every time we smile we honour him. Every time we hold hands we honour him. Every good thought we have honours him. Every laugh is filled with the love that made him. Every step we take together in love and as friends honours our lost son.

Every day is a George day!


  1. I don't have many words other than Thank you and you are so welcome. George made our day a beautiful one!

    I think it is so beautiful that Sally remembered our babies for us in HAWAII! That is special!

    I love you Barb!

  2. So amazing that you have the flowers on here- in our support group tonight, we made a bouquet to commemorate all our lost babies, and I put some flowers in for beautiful George. How did you know?

  3. I'm so grateful for our wonderful community here too. Love and hugs.

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I am just coming into this family of love... and so far the support and understanding has lifted me so much. Thank you for being you and thank you for George.

    I echo your thoughts of all coming together one day... what an inspiring dream.



  5. You're welcome, George's Mummy xoxo

  6. Lots of love and hugs and tears for your and your precious George.

  7. Every day is a George day....I really, really love that! From now on I will think of my daughter that way as well. Every day is a Victoria day! Even though I lost my daughter 12 years ago, I still learn so much from women like you whose experience is more recent than mine. Thank you sweet Barbara for teaching me today. Everytime we smile, hold hands, laugh, we honor her. Sincerely, thank you!

  8. I love that every day is a George day. Lots of love to you!

  9. I too love that "every day is a George day." But I have been thinking of you specially these last few days ; ) & am glad you have made it through OK. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Yes, Everyday is a George day, so true.
    Thank you for reminding me that I carry the love and spirit of my lost babe with me everyday even after all this time.



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