Sunday 15 March 2009

A long day out and a long blog

I was woken up by Ray this morning, "Let's get up and go somewhere". This my dear friends is a somewhat rare event in our house. Not the going somewhere bit but the Ray being awake before me bit.

We decided on Glastonbury, place of myths and legends, hippies, pilgrims, King Arthur seekers, money and tourists. The town is full of alternative shops selling everything from organic museli to Buddha statues to tarot cards to bongs.

We decided to walk up the Tor.

Just a bit of a stroll to the top of a hill...

We passed a man carrying his baby in a sling... I told Ray that he would have to be the carrier of our baby-who-will-live when we climb hills. He said that we would stick to flat places for a while when that happens.

Half way up and many, many, many rests along the way I began to question my sanity...
Whose idea was this?

When we reached an altitude where the birds were flying level with our heads I began to question my oxygen supply.

And then an elderly couple passed us on their way down and I began to question my fitness level.

Are we nearly there yet?
Oh thank goodness.
Hmm... is that all there is?

We rested for a while, took in the incredible view and then walked (or in my case limped, bloody plantar heel fascist) into the town to visit the abbey ruins.

Quite impressive.
Although not religious I can appreciate the impact this place would have had on early pilgrims.

Quite atmospheric.

Ray decided that he had something to preach...
And also that he would quite like to be worshipped...
Yes dear, that will be happening one of these days I'm sure.

We drove home and stopped at our favourite Indian restaurant for a takeaway. I would have posted a photo of our lovely meal but it wouldn't stay on the plate long enough.

Oh and just to prove that spring really is coming to England...


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day... glad to see it... gosh, we deserve those.


  2. You have such wonderful adventures - I'm so jealous! Sometimes I think B and I just need to make it more of a priority to just spend time together exploring - we get wrapped up in so many other things . . . but then I remind myself - not like we have that incredible scenery here, anyway! Thanks for sharing it with us. Really breattaking!

  3. hey i've been there too! i love seeing places you visit on your adventures with ray and the spirit of george that i have been to before!

  4. The ruins, the scenery and the pink flowers are all so beautiful! Thank you for letting me travel vicariously for a moment.

  5. I loved this post. Your photos. I haven't been there, but I have been to the UK, and can imagine this place. Your pics are great for 'being there' with you!

    Thanks (now get back to work!! haha)


  6. Such a beautiful adventure. I love places like that, though the view from the tower gives me a bit of vertigo even in your photo. Makes me want to go and visit you even more!

  7. beautiful pictures, so lovely to be able to get out of the house on an adventure. I love the hope in your brief dialogue about your baby-who-will-live. Michael and I have those too.

    You've reminded me that its been a few weeks since I've had an Indian meal, I think I might have some this week :)

  8. How lovely, I adore ancient ruins. Indian food, delish. Ray looks quite comfy on the pulpit.

  9. What an exciting adventure! Thanks for sharing all the pics, its like we got to journey with you!

  10. It's all so beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  11. As always I went on an adventure too when I walked into you blog :) Thank you for letting me come!







    I wanted to ask you if I could put it somewhere on my blog.... I will name you as the beautiful photographer. But of course you know me, I will not be offended if you would rather me not :)

    Love love love to you x

  12. Oh wow! What flowers are those? They look so pretty!

    It was funny to see Ray's preacher mode pics!

    I am glad that your day went lovely.

  13. I love your stories. I wish there was a Tor near us. There is a water storage tank on a hill nearby but its not very atmospheric or awe inspiring. I will just have to keep visiting you in case you find another ruin/castle/fort/church to explore.

  14. Barbara - you two have such amazing adventures. The "what we did while waiting to make our next baby" stories you will have will fill a book!

  15. beautiful photos, Barbara and thanks for reminding me that spring exists somewhere...



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