Friday 20 March 2009

The hookey we played.

All rested now, a days jewellery making done and dusted, or filed and polished and settling down with a cup of tea after dinner (pasta in spinach sauce, gotta get that iron!). Ray is happily killing and maiming with Gra.nd Th.eft 4 and I'm ready to tell you about our escape on thursday.

Ray came running back into the house after checking the wallpaper he'd put up the day before. Still damp? Can't paint? Let's go!

So we did. And drove 80 miles to Portland. Home of Portland Bill, Portland stone, and inspiration for Portland Bill.

Not my photo!

We started with the medieval castle...But I got distracted by a jetty... nowhere.

And the water...

...not that I'm easily distracted.

Then we drove further around the island that isn't.

And I spotted this. It was right at the edge of the cliff and looked abandoned. I'm still trying to figure out what it is but I think I want one.

We drove on to Portland bill lighthouse. Note the blue sky Sally, the sun does shine in England! (it was bloody windy though!)

My favourite subject for a Ray photo... Ray taking photos and unaware of the camera. When he's aware of the camera pointing at him I usually get obscene gestures to stop me clicking. Bad boy.

A rugged and wild place.

Back on the other side of the island that wasn't we drove up up up to get good view. You can see the isthmus that joins it to mainland Britain.

And the coast in the distance.

We tried to drive higher, but we were stopped.

And we decided that we weren't really that bothered about getting a higher view. (click to read)

On the way down we stopped for a cup of tea and noticed a bird sitting on a pony, something in it's beak.

The crow was pulling hair from the pony's back and flying off to build it's nest and then returning to pull some more. The pony didn't seem to mind in the least. Maybe it was glad of a little spring grooming.

The light fading we made one last stop at a pebbly beach.

Where I had a little dream.
Of things that might have been and still might be...


  1. You inspire me to be more spontaneous. The thought of someone saying "let's go", and then actually makes me a bit nervous actually. Thank you for helping me feel brave! :)

    And as always, I love the pictures. Especially the crow pulling hair from the pony for its nest...don't know why, but I especially loved that one!

  2. Hi Natalie,

    I'm learning my spontaneity from Ray. It IS scary sometimes because it's about letting go of control and living in the moment but oh my, it's SO worth it!


  3. I'm hoping your dream comes true so soon. Such beautiful pictures, thank you so much.

  4. I just love reading about your adventures, and the beautiful pictures are such an added bonus.

  5. Beautiful! I'm jealous. Thank-you for sharing.

  6. I love your travel posts! I feel like I am there in the back seat, complaining that I need a pee and want to stop for a pint :)

  7. I love your adventures! Thanks, as always, for sharing :)

  8. Really beautiful photos - it looks lovely there.

    I really like the idea of just saying 'let's go' - think I'll try that...

    Take care, N

  9. I love to see you photos of your little adventures. I like taking picture of my husband taking pictures too - I cant count how many I have. I love that he is not aware that I am taking it and its of him doing something that he really loves.

    I never thought there were so many sunny days in Britain!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well.



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