Friday 6 March 2009

Rainy day adventure

This morning we weren't sure whether we should bother... duh, of course we should.
At times on Dartmoor, the horizontal rain was so hard that it almost stopped the car.

We drove amongst the rain clouds.

The ground was soaked.
The rivers were flowing fast.We stopped for a moment to watch the rain flowing along a road. You can hear the car being battered.

After a cup of tea and a sandwich, on to Salcombe where it merely drizzled.
Where the houses have saggy bellys too.

And boat sheds become funky shops.
Where the boats overwinter in the car park.

And the portholes have cute curtains.

Almost home and the clouds cleared.

But not for long.

And yes of course, George was with us today on our rather damp adventure.

And finally, this monster is what currently fills our boot (trunk or whatever term you use) Ray bought it from a friend for £20 and we're selling it for £80. It provides 91 decibels of bass heavy, bone shaking almost ear bleeding noise that shakes the car (and me). It is also so heavy that it significantly slows us down when going up our countryside's steep hills, hence the reason for sale. (my thinking is that we will need the space for a push chair) Ray is heartbroken but is already looking on ebay for it's smaller, lighter replacement. He very kindly turns it down for my much tamer listening pleasure and I'll miss it because he loves it.


  1. Lovely adventure! As always.

  2. I love seeing your pictures. Such a different world then mine.

  3. I didn't realise Ray is the sort that digs a heavy bass! What kind of music does he play to bring out the best of the boom box ... minus the hilly drives :)

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful rainy scenes.

  4. Glad you had this rainy adventure.

  5. What an incredible place you live in. Like a few other girls have already said - it is such a different place to where I live. So this is a real treat for me. Such beautiful scenery. I loooovvvvved to see the little video clip, I felt like I was sitting in the car with you both :)

    Love to you Barbara!

  6. Ditto lcantletitgo and Carly.



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