Saturday 14 March 2009

Grieflet, 'puter rage and boxing clever.

I've been feeling quite emotional this evening. Grief just arrives out of the blue and settles itself in next to you like that one relative you never want to be stuck with at a wedding. Maybe it was all the baby talk yesterday catching up with me.

Ray has been doing some serious "tweaking" to his pc today. Delving into places most people leave to their computer shop. He builds computers for friends but he still gets incredibly frustrated at the hoops he has to jump through to hack into his own system. As each hour passed the tap tap tap on the keyboard got louder and louder until I thought he might break it. And then there was the muttering. Dark grumbles and obscene insults hurled under his breath at a computer system that just. wouldn't. listen.

I wandered off into the kitchen/jewellery workshop (of course we don't actually need to eat at the kitchen table, no, no, no of course the silver dust won't get into the food) to do some polishing and I could still hear the tap tap tap TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP from there. I answered back with a tap bang THUD of my hammer.

At 1pm we had to have a cuddle on the sofa to calm frazzled nerves. I sent him off to see his friend for a break and he ended up... fixing his computer. Peace has finally returned to computer corner this evening.

My boxes arrived this morning. I do so love answering the door in my dressing gown at 10am. I had a call from the company yesterday saying they had sold out of the size I wanted because Cambridge university had bought 24oo of them that week to hold a commemorative 800 years anniversary pin. Yes, 800 years of education since 1209. Coo I am in illustrious company here... the woman was terribly apologetic but offered the next size up at no extra cost. I think it's a better fit than the smaller one might have been.

I have almost finished stamping everything ordered so far. It's taking me longer than I thought because I feel the need to double, triple and quadruple check the names and dates as I really don't want to make a mistake! These tags and pieces of jewellery are too important and are becoming more precious to me as they near completion. I'll be sending them with love on monday or tuesday.

I have another one-off almost ready too!

To those of you who have asked if I would like you to link to my little shop, I don't mind at all!
The address is


  1. Tap, tap, thud, ending with cuddles, how incredibly sweet.

  2. I could relate to this so much.... the double and triple checking spelling and dates, to the obscene insults to the computer.

    Love to you Barbara!

    Oh and the kitchen as your workshop.... I work desk is practically in my kitchen.

  3. "Grief just arrives out of the blue and settles itself in next to you like that one relative you never want to be stuck with at a wedding."
    Priceless. Perfectly worded!

    So sweet that the two of you stop and take the time to cuddle and calm frazzled nerves together. You have taught me something usual!

    I feel like I did when I was a child and my birthday was excited about the jewelry! Thank you.

  4. I love this post!! I feel like I just sat here and watched your day play out. Sounds just enough frustrating and love-filled to make it well-rounded :) So glad your jewelry is coming along!

  5. just thinking of you & George...



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