Sunday 22 March 2009

Mothers day

I feel ok on this mothers day. I know you know what I mean by ok. I'm functioning well in this reality. I'm cheery because that's my natural state. I'm not plunging into the depths of despair and there were no tears this morning. Well, maybe a couple when I read your comments on yesterday's blog, but more smiles than tears! (Thank you once again for your understanding) I'm plodding on because there are people who need me to plod on but hey, plodding is fine for now, I don't want to curl up in a ball, I want to plod.

About 10 minutes drive from our home is a beautiful view. Behind us here is a large grassy area that in the summer is filled with deckchairs and beyond that is a road filled with hotels and pub/restaurants and cafes. Tourist town.

We went to see Ray's Mum last night and spent a lovely evening with Mum, the best Step-Dad in the world and hero worshipping younger brother.

My Mum was going out for lunch with my Dad today, she had assumed that we wouldn't want to celebrate mothers day but there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY she was cooking her OWN lunch on mothers day! So we told her we wanted to pop in and give her a card and some flowers. When we got there we surprised her by saying we would take them out to lunch. We had a lovely lunch in a cliff cafe looking at that lovely view. Not the special double-the-price mothers day meals in most over-crowded places, just a sandwich, salad and french fries. But it was lovely.

Mum was happy, Dad was happy.
Our work here is done.

My Mum is as happy as me when having her photo taken
and I have many many photos of her much the same as this.


  1. Just keep plodding Barbara. And your Mum and Dad look like the kind of people I'd like to meet!

  2. What a nice post. Thank you for sharing your mum and dad, they look lovely and I'm sure they appreciated their time with you.
    I didn't realize Mother's Day was a different day in England...... duh!
    Happy, Happy Mother's Day Barbara.


  3. I'm glad that your mother's day is ok. I'm not sure if I will be that brave when it's our turn down here!
    And I love those pics of your Mum and Dad. They are so expressive! Made me smile. They look like lovely people.
    And that view! You live in a lovely part of the UK for sure, that you have easy access to all of these places!


  4. Just how I pictured your parents!

    I am planning our next trip based on your photos alone- i want to go everywhere you're going.

    Glad it was an easier day today.

  5. Mother's Day is so hard... Ours is in May. Last year was such a tough day, only a few months after losing our twins. This year... now having lost our little boy as well... I'm not sure how I'll survive it. I hope I can find strength like yours.

    God bless you on Mother's Day.

  6. i love the pics of your mom & dad. i'm glad that mother's day passed relatively easily. xoxo

  7. Lovely pictures of your Mum and Dad. I'm glad you are doing okay, thinking of you with love.

  8. Plodding is a good thing!

    Oh my gosh!! Your parents are adorable! I just felt like I wanted to give them both a big hug!

    Once again, gorgeous pictures.

  9. thank you for your comment on my blog today. I hope you will come again soon. :)

  10. Barbara, if you hear squeals of delight all the way across the ocean, it's me, it's me!!

    My absolutely, beyond my imagination, beautiful necklace just arrived! I LOVE IT!!! I can't even express how much I love it. It is perfection on a chain, that's what it is.

    My husband loves it as well. He just held it in his hand for a while. I am wearing it, and don't know that I'll ever take it off.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

    I am so excited to finish up my post about my blogging friends...I have been waiting for the necklace because I want to show a picture of it.

    Thanks again so much!!
    Love and hugs to you!

  11. I missed this post! Your parents are lovely! xxxx

    My love to you on a special day x



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