Monday 16 March 2009

I made a new one!

I finished all of the orders from the website now and I'll be posting tomorrow! For a sneak preview of some of them, pop over to my shop and have a look!

I made a new necklace too!

In other news. I peed on a stick today, checking for early signs of ovulation, ready and willing to "get busy" in the name of newbaby making. A little too early for testing really, but hey, desperate times and all that. It's bloody scary I can tell you... but I'm sure you know that.

We thought we had evilfibroids to blame and then *poof* we're told there's nothing in the wrong place. I'm going to wrap myself up in cotton wool for this pregnancy, and even that won't guarantee us a real live breathing baby at the end of it. But when when when we have our livebaby at home I'll be getting those bloody fibroids removed if I have to do it myself with a spoon. Yes indeedy. Uh huh.


  1. I'm so excited - I see my daughter's tag on your website! You made my day - thanks B. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

  2. Soooo exciting!! Well, except for the spoon part.....

  3. Ooh yes, exciting for sure, and scary, hey? I hope it all happens so quickly for you... the months are dragging on here!!
    And I see our tag too :-) :-) It's gorgeous. Can't wait until it arrives! Thankyou so much Barb. Hope business is good for you...


  4. Love it! The new necklace, the excitement in your post- and you, of course.

  5. you make me laugh Barb. And I nearly fell off my chair when I read the title of this post. Then I realised I got a bit too ahead of myself. I hope SO much to read another post with a very similar title to this in the not too distant future!
    A spoon, you really crack me up!!

  6. Ha Sally just a bit ahead!

    I think the title of that post might be a little different and include several profanities!

  7. The necklace is just beautiful.
    Good luck and best wishes on the baby project.

  8. Hilarious (and scary!). Here's to getting busy!

  9. your jewelry is beautiful! i love it. i have a few items with Silas' name on it already, but i may need to order one of yours, its really special.
    we're in the same boat as you- though i haven't peed on the stick yet. i'm temping again and about ready to get busy myself. good luck!

  10. made my day! I needed to see Logan's tag today. I'm giddy with anticipation, it looks so lovely. Thank you.

  11. I came here via Heather's blog (Logan's mom) .... beautiful jewelry.

    I'm very sorry for the lost of your son George. I, too, am a bereaved mom (and wife).



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