Tuesday 24 March 2009


Ray tells everyone that I'm making jewellery. His Mum, his brothers and sisters, all of his friends. It's lovely to know that my poppet is proud of what I'm doing. It makes me stand just a little bit taller.

He has even procured a commission for me too! One of his friends wants me to turn his tattoo into a piece of silver jewellery. I think I can, I think I can...

And then I have a moment when I remember that in a very different reality I have no time for this. I was searching ebay for supplies when I cam across a listing for various pieces of sheet silver and the reason for sale? "I don't have time to continue making jewellery now that I have a new baby"


  1. grrr. always someone with a new baby to burst our bubble! don't let it get to you...what you are doing is amazing!

  2. Sorry, Barbara about the ebay listing.
    I'm really proud of you too.
    Of course you can make that fish, very cool btw.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment today, it means so much. xx

  3. There always has to be something to remind us of what should have been. As if we don't think about it often enough without such things!

    Have fun with your new commission!

  4. I think that a lot about work, too. In my "real" universe, I'm not still here. I'm at home... Mothering... Instead, I'm trapped in some other dimension of hell.

  5. Ouch. That really stings.
    I still want to order one of the long tag necklaces from you. Let me know when you have your supplies again. Happy to wait!

  6. Yup. That's always the dilemma, isn't it? Whatever we're doing now, no matter how cool, is not what we thought we'd be doing.

    That said, I'm proud of you, too- and will be very excited when my Barbara Original gets here!

  7. I know you can make the fish, so cool. Ouch, as far as the eBay listing goes. I'm sorry.

    Today (you know where I was), I held on to my necklace for peace and to remind myself to breathe deeply. It worked, thank you a million times over.

  8. Hi Barbara - thanks for signing up for the 40+ group on Stirrup Queens Ballroom! Just wanted to check out your blog, so sorry about George, what a horrible loss. I am glad you are trying again, hopefully we will be pg together (I'm in the 2ww now). Did you get that fibroid removed? Sending good thoughts your way -
    Jill (musicmakermomma)

  9. That must have made you catch your breath.

    sending you big hugs xoxot

  10. And there it is again! We need shields...or helmets...or a warning light...beeping perhaps, just before we get slammed in the face. oxoxoxo

  11. You can you can you can! and you so have to post photos when you have done it!

    Your beautiful Barb x

  12. Grr. Bid low on the silver and hope you get it. Damn eBay.

    The fish looks like a challenge, but you must be flattered! Of course you can do it.

    Look, help me decide - do I need a chunky tag? or a couple of the small ones, hmmm??

  13. That truly sucks... of all the places!! :(



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