Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Made with love part four

I'm putting my jewellery on sale tomorrow evening!

Yikes! Yes, really! Tomorrow! Finally!

I've set up a little shop on misi which is very similar to etsy but UK based so I can set my prices in UK£.

I'm not sure how misi handles personalised orders but I'll put an email address up to make things easier.

This battered heart is a one off (or maybe a two off but I haven't finished the second yet) and can be stamped with names and or dates too.

I have 10 tiny tags ready and waiting!
For names/words up to 7 letters. I have a couple of tags slightly bigger just in case anyone here wants a longer name.

And then I have 8 of these tags. For I think up to 10 letters. And if they are popular there will be more!

They are twice as thick as the tiny ones and can be stamped on the reverse...

...perfect for a date, or even a secret word on the back!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Just beautiful, they are made with love. Thank you so much and I wish currency conversion wasn't such a hassle, I would order these immediately.

  2. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!! I have butterflies in my stomach for you, I am that excited!! :) I know this is going to sound weird, seeing as we have never met, but I am proud of you. So proud you have taken pain and turned it into such beauty!! I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to purchase some of your beauty!
    I need an 8 letter beauty because my stillborn daughter's name is Victoria.
    Congratulations and best of luck!

  3. I wasn't even thinking about currency conversion. How will that work, or do you know?

  4. Wow... and I'm still trying to get the blog to look right with all the photos!

    Will look out for a currency conversion site to link to on the shop page...

    Thank you ladies, thank you!

  5. WOW!!!!! I'm going shopping at your store! Can I be #2 for the battered heart?

    I am so impressed- what a beautiful gift of love for George.

  6. Payment is through paypal so I assume/hope it works out there!

    I'll try and put the converted prices in the shop listing somewhere.

  7. And did I mention that I love the store setup itself?

  8. Hmm. Sally addicted to paypal. this is bad. Sally also addicted to shopping in foreign currency because it is like Monopoly money. This is bad.

  9. Ha! From the country with the plastic money!

  10. The battered heart is exquisite. Congrats on your new endeavour. Will you send me the link when it's up and running and I will add it to the "Whispered Support" site?

  11. Hmm... so I come back from my few days away and suddenly I have to start stalking you, like the David Jones after Christmas sales hey :-)?! Like Sally, at least I don't have to waste time brushing the dust off my credit card, or reading the instructions on how to use Paypal!
    You are going to be swamped, Barb!
    >grin< xx

  12. So beautiful and so exciting! I love the battered heart.

  13. I am anxiously awaiting the link to your site!! I too am proud of you Barbara! This is so exciting!!

  14. I love that the women in "the club no one wants to belong to" who have the creative gift can use their gift to create such beautiful momentos that can only be created by women in our shoes. These are beautiful Barb. I wish you much success and will post a link to your store on my blog!

  15. I'd like to order one if you still have any available? You can email me at babette2@optonline.net and tell me how to pay. (Paypal?)
    My daughter Kara died in June 4,08 and I'd love one of these with her name and date on it. please let me know. thanks so much



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