Monday 23 March 2009

Blank blog.

I'm feeling a bit blank in the blogging department today. Sometimes I have so many thoughts whizzing about my head that I can't type fast enough and others I just think... meh.

It's been an odd day. I woke up at my usual 7.30 and promptly fell asleep until 9.45. Ray of course didn't wake up until I exclaimed at the clock, *&%£$@*. Not that we had anywhere to be. No work for Ray today, my work is on the kitchen table.

A cup of tea in bed later and we got up, brunched, and set about a busy day doing very little.

I did finish three jewellery orders so perhaps I did a bit more than very little. Yay, posting tomorrow or wednesday. And I started on a new "battered heart".

I watered my seeds and whispered encouraging words, "grow dammit!" (nothing to do with babymaking, this isn't a new technique).

I put a load of washing out, again forgotten this evening. Oh-well-never-mind-eh.

And that's about it. Exciting huh? Today felt very normal. After the last couple of heightened emotion days it was a bit of a come down, albeit a welcome reprieve. Ah that rollercoaster.

Aww, I just saw Natalie's comment on yesterday's blog about getting her necklace. YAY!

Any one else got any mail?


  1. Normal is good. Hooray for normal. I love checking in here, no matter what kind of day you're having.

  2. I'm glad the rollercoaster is on a straight path for awhile.

  3. Aw! Sounds like a nice day :)

  4. Sounds like a great day! Not too lazy, not too busy- just right! I want one of those! :)

  5. My blog as been pretty blank too, different tune, same result!

    No mail (duh - since I didn't order anything...yet) BUT I did try and put your icon on the wall of angels site as a resource for parents, but it didn't work.

    Would you mind clicking over there and seeing what I misseed??


  6. I got my tag today! It is so lovely! I was very happy. My husband got it out of the mail and dangled it over my head for a bit. He knew I was excitedly awating the tag too! Thanks so much. I just love it!



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