Monday 9 March 2009


After yesterday's walk in the woods I had a sort of waking dream of George darting about that place like a woodland sprite.

A naked, skinny, dirty little boy playing in mud puddles, climbing trees and making dams with sticks and stones.

I'm missing him an awful lot today.


  1. What a beautiful picture- I bet your dancing boy would have a twinkle in his eye and lovely mischief in his soul.

    Sending you love and hugs and keeping George in my heart.

  2. I love this picture, thanks for sharing it.

  3. George as a woodland sprite, how beautiful. I'm sorry you are missing your beautiful George today and everyday.

  4. That is a beautiful, precious picture you paint. I can totally see your George as a woodland sprite. Especially after the pictures you shared yesterday! (hugs)

  5. ((Hugs)). Thinking of you & George

  6. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful gift to receive in a dream. I long for dreams like that.

    Thank you for telling us :)

  7. What a lovely image. The woods manage to conjure up a special energy, allowing our angel babies spirits to dance along the path like woodland sprites. I wrote about seeing a toddler age Liam during my first return to the woods after Liam died and it brought a gentle longing smile to my face.

  8. Thank you ladies.

    I have to say that isn't my painting!

    It's an illustration from the original Peter Pan in Kensington gardens (long before the Disney gang got a hold of him) By Arthur Rackham (have a google, beautiful illustrations!)

  9. it is a beautiful picture and the dream was beautiful too. its so peaceful to have a recent and beautiful dream to keep for your memories of george. I can so see him as a wee woodland sprite.

    I've been missing Janaki awful bad the last couple of days. bad as in chest pain, breathless bad. so I'll miss George and Janaki... and hope that they can feel that we're thinking of them, somehow.




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