Saturday 13 December 2008

A tiny moment of pure joy.

Last night, in the heavy pouring watch-out-for-floods rain, Ray and I went for a drive in the country lanes. We listened to a radio station playing music from the 70's and sang along as loud and as badly as we could as we splashed through the puddles. Ray made some huge splashes, sometimes almost aquaplaning, just because I'd mentioned times when I was little when my brother and I would nag our Dad to do the same. We got home about midnight, exhausted and refreshed.

I want more moments like this.

Small steps.

We drove around the same area this afternoon until the daylight was gone.

Dartmoor is a stunning area filled with surprises and we found lots of space for my head to let go of a tiny bit more grief.

This evening, I'm reading maps.


  1. Oh, how lovely. I'm having a tiny moment of joy just reading about it.

  2. You two are attacking this grief monster head on - and together.

    Steal back your moments of joy. You deserve them...but do me a favor. Don't get in an accident.

  3. Ooh, I've been there! Glad you are experiencing some joy Barbara, even in small doses.

  4. That's great, Barbara. Outdoors is good.

  5. I am so happy you found a spark of Joy. They are rare but so beautiful.

    You photos a re gorgeous. It is amazing how the colours change.

    Thinking of you x



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