Monday 29 December 2008

My other poppet

My poppet, the grown up one, not the tiny missing one, is suffering mightily with a bad dose of man-flu, a madly fluctuating temperature and a rotten sore throat that hurts a lot... yes dear, I get it, it really really hurts.

We're dosing him up with all manner of potions and he is tucked up on the sofa killing things with glee (pc game). I'm tucked up next to him in sympathy playing on the innernets. Well, it's an excuse not to do the washing up again isn't it.

This evening we're snuggled.


  1. Snuggling is very therapeutic. I hope Ray Poppet feels better soon.

  2. Poor guy! Big hugs and virtual chicken soup from me.

  3. OH NO, NOT MAN FLUE! So debilitating!! Hope he makes a speedy recovery!!

  4. I was going to write "OH< NO! NOT THE MAN FLU!" but I see Hope's Mama beat me to it!
    My own MATH (man about the house) has woken up with a bad back, worse than any I've ever suffered (apparently judging by the moans and groans)! Ah dear, they're a worry!
    Hope Ray Poppet gets better very soon!

  5. Yick! A quick recovery to him (although killing things with glee is fun for men) and to you (although not doing laundry is fun too!)

  6. Man flu is harder for the wife sometimes!

    Sending you both warm wishes!

    Love Carly x

  7. Ugh - hope Ray feels better soon. xo



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