Friday 5 December 2008

The colour of grief.

Red apparently.

I was sitting staring at my little sketch book willing some sort of inspiration to come into my head. Draw my grief? It's bloody and red.

The rest of the world is grey.

My love for George is fresh green. Like new grass. The colour of new life.

My love for Ray is aqua blue, my favorite colour. I painted this around the week when he asked me out and I took that week and another to think about it. It was something to consider: he'd already told me he'd fallen in love with me and saw us spending a lifetime together. Quite a bit for a girl to take in and really rather scary for a girl who'd not had a great deal of luck with relationships! Ray thinks of this time as our "courting" days. It was all very old fashioned and proper. No kissing and not even hand holding; just spending time talking and talking and talking. One of my friends named this painting "turmoil" but I think it's called "love". I gave it to him for his birthday before I'd decided that he was the one. Or maybe I'd already decided?

I don't always think in colours, but sometimes they just pop into my head as an association with a feeling.

The inspiration hasn't come yet. I suppose, like everything else, it takes time.

Today I'm waiting.


  1. This is beautiful. colors are another language, like music. I'm so glad they connect for you.

  2. What a beautiful painting. I am so glad that you have a way to speak for times when there are no words. The swirling might make it look like turmoil, but the blues in there look so clear and peaceful. I guess love is all of those things sometimes...

  3. A Whirlpool? An all enveloping, all swallowing entity?

  4. Beautiful, Barbara. Keep painting & showing us your work.

  5. I have a large canvas in my painting room/junk room/laundry drying room (which was to have been George's room). It sits there waiting for some inspiration... I'm sticking to small sketch books at the moment.

  6. How beautiful Barbara, I love the colours and the story :)

    I love painting, and drawing too :)



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