Monday, 8 December 2008

The diabolical machinations of the British national health service

I can see why people "go private" I really can, jump ahead of the queue, get in before everyone else and get some bloody attention and if we had any bloody money we would.

I've been waiting for a scan for over a week now and have heard nothing, nowt, nada, zip.

On the phone again to my doctors secretary who will email the doctor (?) to find out what's going on... just heard back from her... wait for appointment (??).


I already have an appointment booked with the obstetrician who failed to order a D&C after George's birth and after seeing a "ragged" placenta but I was hoping to not have to wait until 16th Dec to find out what's going on right now with my internal ladyparts.


Bloody bloody bloody HELL! Just had another call and because of the 16th Dec appointment with the obstetrician they haven't bothered to make another earlier one with the gynecologist. Nice of them to let me know.


Today I'm indescribable.


  1. Bloody hell for sure!!! How frustrating for you.

    Praying you don't have to wait much longer :)

    Love to you


  2. How frustrating! I know, thankful for the free medicare but sometimes feel you get what you pay for...waiting and shoddy treatment seem to go hand in hand. I hope you get this resolved soon.

  3. I don't know what burns me more, the lack of sympathy we get from the medical staff or the lack of necessary follow up they offer.

    I mean - what is it going to take for them to get into ER visit?? (Are you an actress at all...I say just go!)



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