Saturday 6 December 2008

Days without.

We bought a car yesterday (here you see my darling Ray pretending he knows what he is doing). It is 10 years old and was very very cheap which was useful since we have no money. One of our friend described it as a wardrobe on wheels, and it's great! Ray loves driving and since I don't drive I get to be chauffeured about, albeit in a slightly creaky manner.

Last night we pointed it in a direction and went. It was a beautiful night. The sky was deeply black and starry and light from the half moon sparkled off the sea along the coast roads.

Today we drove a little further along the coast in the opposite direction from last night, stopping here and there to photograph the views and just enjoying the freedom. At the end of a driving day we saw the sun set on a beach that I remember from childhood holidays and then warmed ourselves by the fireplace in a beach cafe drinking tea and eating a very late lunch.

It was a good day.

I looked over my shoulder into the back seat and imagined a car seat with little sleepy George in it. Cue tears.

Today I'm thinking of days with George that will never be.


  1. I think there will be a lot of those days, for all of us. Thinking of the three of you. Beautiful sunset by the way.

  2. Wishing you more days where you pick a direction and go :)

    Sounded beautiful.

    Thinking of your yearning heart for George.

    Much love Carly x

  3. For the first three weekends after we got home from the hospital, all we did was get in the car and drive- mostly to the woods and the water. It helped things feel more open somehow. I cried every time, but there was more space to contain it. Glad you got some beauty in there.

  4. What a beautiful part of the world.

    Thinking of you, x

  5. a. Congratulations on the car.

    You know what, even I do not like driving. Hmmm...

    I like that sunset picture you have posted. It must be amazing to have seen it first-hand. Isn't it?

    And I am unable to pronounce anything correctly for the last picture. I have been typing and deleting and typing and deleting. It's such an ache!

  6. Beautiful! We had an Aboriginal ceremony for Sam after his death and the elder told me a few things, most of which I forgot, but he told me to go outside as much as I can and for the first 2 1/2 months, I did, and it really helped. Of course, Canadian winter has set in now so less of that, unfortunately.



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