Wednesday 24 December 2008

A balancing act

After we'd been not-exactly-trying-but-not-doing-anything-to-stop-a-pregnancy for the 6 months after we got together I decided to take it a bit more seriously and I started looking into nutrition and fertility. I think I mentioned before that I'm a researcher by nature and taking my age into consideration I decided that anything I could do that wouldn't harm couldn't hurt and after being diagnosed as anaemic it seemed important to get everything balanced.

So now I'm getting back into the routine of taking the supplements that might (or might not) have helped to make George in the hope that they will help to make George's little sister or brother.

Clockwise from the top:
two vitex (agnus castus) to balance hormones
one calcium + vitamin d
one b6 supplement, more balancing.
one pregnancare multivitamin (I still have some left; I had enough for 40 weeks of pregnancy)
one high dose vitamin c with bioflavoniods.
And in the middle the prescribed iron supplement. Two times a day.

Once I was settling in with the Great Pill Routine I started ovulation testing, but I'm not bothering with that until after the tests and possible evilfibroidectomy (um, I'm almost sure that's not the right term).

I suppose concentrating on these supplements rather than the Great Two Week Wait and the Great Period Disappointment helped me stay vaguely sane before we made George and hopefully will give me something positive to focus on in the new year.

Oh yes, and apart from the pills and the ovulation testing there was lots and lots of lovely love making baby making lovely sex.

I'm always on the lookout for anything else that might help so if you have any ideas please let me know. I'm particularly interested in the weird and wonderful, stupid and laughable things you might have heard of or been told. We all need a laugh, oh yes.

Today I'm feeling a little less hormonal. Whoop de doo.


  1. I believe that evilfibroidectomy is, in fact, the correct scientific term for this procedure.

    So, in the stupid and laughable but coincidentally effective department: When we had been trying to conceive for months with no luck, a friend of mine told me that after over 2 years of trying, she had finally, out of desperation, stood on her head at the foot of her bed. And lo and behold, she conceived her daughter.

    We joked about this for months while doing all the proper things that you're supposed to do to conceive. In late July, partly as a joke and partly with some desperation of my own, I did my best imitation of this friend of mine standing on her head. August 15th- positive pregnancy test. Do with this what you will- but my money's on the multivitamins!

  2. Priceless!

    (I'll keep it in mind!)

  3. Yes, evilfibroidectomy sounds about right. As for aides maybe try accupuncture and The Fertility Diet - it's all about eating to balance your hormones. Nothing wacko and weird - more a common sense approach to eating. I hope you get those $%!@ fibroids out soon!

  4. Ginseng, Donq quai root help balance female hormones. I have to do some research...
    I hope you and Ray are doing okay today.



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