Tuesday 30 December 2008

Do you know

Each time I have mentioned our lost babies I have neglected to mention my own brother or sister who was lost to my mother before my brother and I were born. In fact if that baby hadn't been lost I might not be here. That's a strange feeling that our next child will also have to deal with one day.

So today I'm thinking of Baby Boucher who was lost and of our Mum who remembers.


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  2. Rememberance and prayers...

  3. Oh Barbabra,

    I too have a lost sibling........... I think she was a girl. I have always felt like I was missing and older sister.

    Sending you love and hoping that Ray is feeling better


  4. I acknowledge your mother's loss. I think about the lost siblings of my husband and how he might not even be here if not for that.

    I hope Ray is feeling better.

  5. And just as you and your brother helped to heal your mother's heart, praying that soon George will have a brother or sister to help heal yours. No wonder your mom gets it...

    Love and tissues to you and Ray.

  6. I have a lost cousin who died about 5 years before i was born. We always spoke of him and even as a kid, i remember saying "i have four cousins and one who is dead". Very blunt for a kid, but I always understood his absense. I guess my family worked hard at that. I hope the future generations in my family always remember Hope in that way. I always want her included, just as George will always be included.

  7. Remembering Baby Boucher with you...

  8. remembering Baby Bouncher with you too



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