Sunday, 21 December 2008

A sharp stone in my belly?

I think there are four, and three of them are bloody fibroids.

Warning. Far too much information coming up.

This period is turning out to be a monster. Heavy clotty bleeding for three days now and last night was the worst, I barely slept and kept dashing to the bathroom and oh those cramps to strangle your partner for... no I haven't, he's fine, really, but you know... I haven't felt this hormonal for a long time... and there's not too much intelligent, or intelligible thought going on in my head. Stupid fibroids. Maybe there's one in my head too.

When the ob checked the position of my uterus she said it was still about twice the size it should be, because the largest of the three fibroids (or the evil triplets as I'm coming to affectionately know them) is still rather, um, large and yes, those sharp stabby crampy pains I've been feeling are the fibroids slowly shrinking to their pre-pregnancy size. Lovely.

I can't wait to get something done.

Today It's been 56 lonely days since we lost George and I'm just a wee bit ratty.


  1. Oh, Barbara- sounds like a monster of a week. Hope this all passes soon, and the doctors take care of this once and for all.


  2. Going through the emotional pain of losing George is bad enough let alone experiencing the physical pain.

    I am so sorry that you are feeling so terrible Barbara. Praying this period comes to an end soon for you.

    Love across the seas

    Carly x

  3. Carly said it best. Hoping the physical pain passes soon. xo

  4. Oh Barbara - pain in one form is overwhelming, but in this many forms at once...well - I'd feel ratty too.

    Praying for you and Ray as you weather this together and try not to strangle a doctor or two.

  5. Oh, my goodness that sounds just downright miserable. Here's hoping the cramps and hormones ease up very, very soon. \

  6. Not fair at all and wish I could ease the pain for you. I am really hoping this comes to an end and quickly.



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