Friday 26 December 2008

A small gift

I dreamed this morning that I was sinking deep into the sand whilst trying to walk along the most perfectly beautiful beach. I tried to avoid the big rolling splashing waves but my clothes became soaked and so I gave in to getting wet and dived in. The beach was suddenly completely crowded and I was trying to pick my way through the people; I wobbled and swayed on tip toes when a voice told me to take my time. I made my way to my dad who was sitting at the end of the beach. It wasn't a sad dream or a happy dream but quite a strangely peaceful dream.

I don't normally remember dreams, or I didn't until I became pregnant, and now I'm still remembering them. Maybe this is a small gift from George.


  1. If they are peaceful dreams, then this is such a lovely gift from your son xo

  2. Dreams are important. Not all the dreams - but there are some that leave quite an impression. If this one left you in great peace, it is all good. Take Care!

  3. I never remembered my dreams before Ezra died either. And now I have the most intense dreams, and I wake up remembering every detail. Sometimes they are peaceful, but sometimes they are scary. Sometimes they feel prophetic.

  4. That is lovely that the dream gave you some peace. What a gift from dear George.

  5. A lovely dream and am so glad it gave you some peace.

  6. "Take your time"

    That is the best advice anyone could ever give you..... well I think that anyway.

    Love to you




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