Sunday 14 December 2008

Lights in the darkness. Part 2.

I lit my candles at 7pm GMT and thought about our dear sweet George. And missed him. And missed all the other lost babies too.

They were still burning at 10.50pm when I took the photos.

The vase is full of marbles and now there are also fairy lights crammed in there with the marbles. I could only find four candles today. I used to have so many but we still have stuff in boxes from when we moved here in May so they may turn up yet. I thought the candles I found were pretty though, and I left the curtains open to shine the light outside. George was conceived the week that we moved here. The week we were concentrating on packing rather than making a baby.


  1. Oh Barbara,

    What a peaceful warm setting. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful candles. Missing our babies together.

    Love Carly x

  2. So beautiful, Barbara. Ours are shining bright right now. For Kai, for George, for Hope, for Emily, for Sam, for Charlotte, for Isabella, for Sean...

    Sending you love and light.

  3. Those candles are gorgeous and their glow, divine!

  4. Hey, I am still waiting for you pick up the tag! Do it whenever you want to, but I hope that you do do it !

  5. Beautiful, Barbara. Sending you love.



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