Thursday 11 December 2008

Mother Grandmother

I had a shopping morning with my Mum today and then we went for a coffee (1 americano and 1 decaf amaretto latte. Yes, the second one was mine. Yum.)

We talked about her first grandchild and we had a little cry together. She kept saying his name. She has one of his scan pictures and wondered if I wanted it back. I told her she could keep it and she was so pleased. She asked if Ray and I would take her and my Dad to George's place in the woods and of course we will.

My Mum wanted to make sure that I wasn't upset with her because she just couldn't bring herself to see George after he was born. Of course I wasn't. I told her I understood and I do. She knows I have photos and his hand and footprints and I told her that if she would like me to bring them to her, where she can see him and have a cry safely, I will.

I told her never to worry about speaking about George, he's part of our family and needs to be included and she most definitely agreed. I told her she should never worry about upsetting me as I'm already so very upset and the tears need to get out. She told me that when she saw me sobbing at the hospital she wanted to pick me up in her arms and take me home. I'll always be her baby. It was lovely.

Today, I've been sharing my son with his lovely Grandma.


  1. Sometimes I think only our mothers understand how we feel. For them to watch us lose a child and go through that pain - I know it was very hard on my mom.
    I love talking about my Samuel - I will talk about him to anyone. But there is something special about getting to talk about him with my mom.
    Hugs for you.

  2. Your post was so lovely today Barbara. I'm glad you got to spread George's love around. Keep spreading it.

  3. Of course she wanted to pick you up and take you home. They will do anything for us if it will take away the pain.

    The time and talk you had today is so wonderful. Now she really knows that you crying is the best way through this.

    I'm so glad you have your mother.

  4. Mothers are such blessings!

    My mother has been grieving with me too! And she cried louder than me!

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  6. wow barbara, i wish my mother could be there with me in my grief the way yours is. she has served a different role, being my rock, the practical one when i was too emotional to handle anything practical. but i need her to be sad with me in a way she just can't. she just wants me to be better, and that is hard. you have an amazing mother.

  7. Moms (and Dads) are the best. I don't know where I'd be without mine these days. .



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