Friday 12 December 2008

Christmas is cancelled.

It's all wrong. I should be waddling around feeling George kick me while I fiddle with fairy lights.

Ray doesn't like to celebrate anyway, it's the time of year he lost his dad and since neither of us celebrate the religious side of the holiday there doesn't seem much point this year.

So we're avoiding not seeing either side of our family and instead inviting Ray's friend who just split with his girlfriend to share our dinner and not celebrate christmas with us either.

I will be making a batch of yummy Rocky road type stuff and distributing it instead of presents and I might... might find a few of those fairy lights and drape them over the fireplace and maybe leave them out for a new baby to see... and hope that doesn't take too long.

Today I'm planning other ways to not celebrate christmas.


  1. Sounds like good smart self care, and a nice way to take care of Ray's friend as well. We are going to a movie on Christmas and skipping New Year's Eve by escaping to a bed and breakfast in the woods. Thrilled to be saying goodbye to 2008, but not with noisemakers and hats- too sad not to be waddling at the holidays as well. Fairy lights, though, do sound like a nice way to remind yourself that there are little twinkles in the darkness.

    Wishing you love and warmth in this very wintry winter.

  2. Speaking of lights in the darkness:

  3. Your Christmas plans sound good too. We've been getting into the countryside and the woods whenever we can. I feel more peaceful there.

    Ah that candle lighting sounds lovely. I shall light one or two or in fact I'll go on a candle hunt and light as many as I can find and remember all our babies.

  4. Good for you. It is too soon and you know that. Not forcing your heart to celebrate will help in the coming years.


  5. You just do whatever you need to to get through the day :)

    You and Ray will be in my thoughts.

    Much love to you
    Carly x

  6. Christmas is cancelled down under, too, don't worry Barbara. You should be waddling, I should have a four month old. It all sucks. Hang in there....

  7. I'm with you, the holidays are canceled this year. There's nothing to celebrate without our babies.

  8. It's sounds so much easier than pretending; good on you.

  9. I honor your Cancelled Christmas. I will light a candle for your Sweet George.
    Visiting from Cara's Blog, "Wall of Heavenly Angels".
    You are not alone.



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