Sunday 15 February 2009

Allowing the optimism to sneak back in

I caught myself the other day, really thinking into the future for the first time, assuming there will be another baby.

I say it and write it all the time, when we get another chance, when George has a brother or sister, but it didn't feel quite real until the other morning when we were talking... well, I was talking about what we will need to get for a new baby and how things will be different. Ray gently reminded me that we have plenty of time for that.

But it felt good to hope, to dream and to plan with the pain of loss a little duller in the background. To allow myself to get a tiny little bit excited about the possibilities rather than worrying about the obstacles. To look forward instead of backward. The pain hasn't gone, duh, of course it hasn't. But for today, that stone feels a little more rounded.


  1. Pleased. I'm pleased that you're allowing, even subconsciously, positive thoughts to occur.

    Very positive and uplifting feeling.

  2. I'm so delighted for you, Barbara, that you are optimistic. I will send my optimism your way.

  3. Oh hope is good! It's a good counterweight to loss. With both in hand, we face the future and only you can say the future is bright...regardless of how you feel now.

    Kudos! (I still have a myspace addiction) *grin*

  4. I'm so happy for you, Barbara!

  5. Moments like that are precious.

  6. Now if you can bottle that optimism and sell it along with your beautiful jewelry, you'll never want for business. So glad to hear that the light is coming in.



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