Tuesday 24 February 2009

Other matters

Over the past couple of days Ray has been quite down. Mostly to do with feeling let down by the guy who was supposed to be helping him change the clutch on our broken car and therefore save us heaps of money. This guy has been finding excuses for the past month. Ray has work and therefore money waiting for him to pick up paint supplies.

I love Ray's attitude towards these things. Change a clutch? It can't be that difficult, I can do it with a little help. I try to culture this attitude in myself. It doesn't always work but I do tend to have a go at fixing most things.

This morning the guy finally called and arranged a time and place. Ray was about to book the car in with a local garage and spend this weeks and next weeks rent. (We have a great landlord that Ray does a lot of work for and so we can get away with being a little behind.) He was that excited/nervous/wound up that he was shaking.

Imagine the scene: Ray half in the car steering and scooting and me pushing the car with an ungainly hobble, skip, limp down the hill to try and jump start it. (I don't drive and I was too scared to steer!) Nope, nothing, no battery power at all. We called the guy who arrived with his jump leads 15 minutes later and off they went.

I'm waiting for him to come home a lot more relaxed.

So with Ray off doing mechanical things I decided that it really was time we had a clean bathroom and set to it with my mini-steamer and an old towel. Sparkling!

I think Ray's restlessness and gloomy mood has rubbed off on me, well, I know it has, of course it has. He feels what I feel, I feel what he feels. I left him feeling excited for him and wondering where we will drive to tonight, assuming they get it finished, because I know he'll want to go somewhere.

I'm feeling better about other things too. I've been getting stuck on the idea that George's due date will somehow be something BIG. I don't think it will be or needs to be. I don't want it to be. Like Carly said about Christian, George's special day has already passed. I think I might like to visit his bit of wild wood and see if any of the bulbs are showing and then just drive somewhere.


  1. I'm hoping that tonight brings renewed peace for you both. A drive sounds nice :) Is it too cold to roll down the windows and turn on the heater?!

  2. "just drive somewhere"...sounds lovely. Peace and love to you.

  3. I hope the car is fixed so you can take a drive with Ray.
    Somedays I wish I didn't know how to drive, sigh. I have to visit my parents in San Diego this weekend and it's 2 hours on the freeways, fun, fun.

  4. Hope the car repairs were successful. Hugs!

  5. You must drive - that is what you DO!

    Um..I won't tell you the story of my hubby and his "How bad can changing the clutch?" story.

    It was ugly - nuf said!

    Hope all is well, and -hey- you have a sparkling clean bathroom, at least!

  6. A drive sounds lovely, I hope it all works out for you & Ray. Love to you!

  7. I wanted to say that I hoped the car was fit again and then I saw your Tweet. I hope Ray is in a better mood now. And you have a bathroom that's sparkling clean. Wow for you!

    You could spend a day at the beach or go for a walk somewhere?

    Be good and take care...



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