Saturday 7 February 2009

Thank you again dear people...

... for your support and kind answers to my blog yesterday. Before I posted I had decided to see the counsellor to see if it will help in any way. I honestly don't think I'm depressed and what I think will help me the most is getting the evilfibroids zapped/sliced/strangled and climbing out of the waiting limbo up into the trying limbo.

On a different tack. I cut my hair today, it's been a while and it was getting far too long. I've been cutting my own hair for years, partly for economy's sake and partly because every time I've seen a hairdresser they have always wanted to straighten my hair and the one time I went in with it straightened? Yup, "Have you ever thought of leaving it natural?" Gah. I think I might have been a bit over enthusiastic with the scissors today. I can't understand how I always seem to forget forget just how much my hair curls and bounces up when it dries. It looks ok though, I'm not afraid to be seen in public without a hat, Ray didn't laugh and it grows like a weed.

Oh and someone needs to take my bank card away from me whenever I get near a computer. Ray's too soft and easily manipulated. I need steel. Might call my Mum.


  1. I think you're like me. you know the emotional stuff will sort it self out in time, you're more worried about getting the physical stuff right. I totally get that.
    Today I just wanted to tell you, you're a wonderful Mother.

  2. Pictures of the new 'do, please?

    Glad you're making some decisions- you have always seemed to have a good deal of clarity about what your heart tells you.

  3. I cut my own hair too. Everytime I go to a hair dresser they tell me off for doing something wrong!

  4. Bloody f'ing fybroids. LEAVE BARB ALONE.

    Do you think they will hear me from Sydney? Perhaps I need to yell a little louder.




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