Wednesday 11 February 2009

Guest Post by Danielle. Honest scrap award.


I feel honoured to present, after my wee challenge, Danielle's (or Dani189's) 10 (or thereabouts) honest facts about her lovely self.

1. When my grandfather was in the Navy he was the sole survivor of a plane crash. The ring he was wearing split in half on impact. I had a ring made for myself out of one of the halves, and I never take it off.

2. Right now, being a therapist is a huge exercise in "do as I say, not as I do." I spend a large part of every day talking about accepting uncertainty, cultivating patience, and practising self care- three things that I am very bad at these days.

3. I have no idea why I don't want to start a blog, but I am beginning to think that it's ill-mannered of me not to have one.

4. I am very shy and self conscious except when I dance. I have taken Bollywood, belly dancing, samba, salsa, and merengue lessons, and even had a brief and disastrous foray into hip-hop. Apparently my hips can do things that the rest of me cannot.

5. Although I was born and raised in the US, there are huge parts of US culture that I simply don't understand. I have never seen an entire (American) football game or an episode of reality TV, I don't believe in the "life on demand" culture that we have around here, and I am very wary of capitalism.

6. I don't know how to ride a bike.

7. I am often surprised at how hard I can laugh, how angry I can get, and how deeply I can love- often one right after the other.

8. Although I am afraid of free fall and get motion sickness, I have climbed pyramids in Guatemala, ridden an elephant in Thailand, and hiked to the top of an active volcano in Greece. I am perfectly all right with fear as long as it doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do.

9. I eat like a very stubborn, very idiosyncratic 6 year-old. Given the option, I would live exclusively on oatmeal, panang curry with tofu, and cinammon-infused chocolate.

10. I can recite all of the movie "Dirty Dancing" by heart. I'm not proud of this. No, wait- actually, I kind of am.

Here's a very genuine one that I forgot to mention.

I believe very firmly in the Jewish principle of "tikkun olam", which means "repair of the world." Though it's often a losing battle, I do believe that since we all share the planet, we all owe it to each other to try to make it a more just, more compassionate, and more liveable place.

I believe this so much, in fact, that I am willing to sacrifice the "Dirty Dancing" reference. or maybe the thing about the oatmeal.


Thank you Danielle! Now to carry on nagging about that blog...


  1. Wonderful! Yay! Danielle thank you for sharing so much of yourself here (all in one place! see, it's not so bad!) And many thanks to you Barbara for being such a gracious host. I really enjoyed reading both of your honest scraps (and promise I will put mine up soon).

  2. I move a motion for Danielle to start her own blog. Do I have anyone to second that motion??

    (Loved your answers too by the way, the mystery is unwravelling....)

  3. **birni gets to feet, blushing as everyone turns to look at her..**
    ".. ahem, I would like to second Sally's motion. I feel that Danielle has a lot to share with us, and she would definitely be helping to repair our worlds..."

    **grin** (yay, I did it! I stood up in front of you all... )


  4. Hi Danielle! I remember once when I was a teenager Dirty Dancing was on TV, and I called my best friend and we recited the dialogue along with the television.

    Good times. I don't think I could do it anymore, although my fondness for Patrick Swayze is undiminished.

    Hey, you should start a blog.

  5. Yes Barbara! I have asked Danielle about starting a blog!!!!!!!

    Danielle - if you are reading..... seriously why not?! What have you got to lose...... It would be lovely for us to give back some of the support that you give to all of us!

    Thank you Barbara for having her as a guest writer!

    With so much love!

    Carly x

  6. OMG, Danielle, you Totally Rock! I was bummed when I saw you were "blogless", but I understand. Whenever you're ready...we'll be here w/open arms.
    "Nobody puts baby in a corner."
    Thanks for hosting such a great guest, Barbara. Best to you and Ray.

  7. Yes, I also nudge Danielle into starting a blog - I always like your comments and it's nice to know more about you. And I also admit to having an affinity for Dirty Dancing (what woman in her 30's doesn't watch that movie every time it's on?).



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