Tuesday 10 February 2009


Someone once explained the existence of "ghosts" to me as the memory of a significant event in a life recorded in the matter around it, in the molecules of the walls, the ground, the furniture, the trees. Sort of like sound on a tape.

Everything is, after all, made from the same stuff. We are a part of our world as much as the plants and the dirt are, as much as we distance ourselves with our houses and clothes and computers and things.

George is engraved into me, his father and every atom around us. In his tiny life he made a huge impact on us that didn't end with his death. He brought more love with him than I ever thought possible, more sadness than I thought I could manage and connected me to a whole new life of shared experience, support and friendship. George is haunting us. Isn't it wonderful.


  1. This is a gorgeous picture and such a touching message.

    I love being haunted by our babies.

  2. beautiful post and beautiful pic.

  3. Yes, such a beautiful way to describe things...
    I love being haunted to, and yearn for more... I'm very greedy for that.


  4. Exactly. I have always believed that the love and connection among people creates an energy that is bigger than all of us. You are haunted by such a beautiful spirit.

  5. I feel the same about Gabrielle, maybe not haunts us, but she is definitely with us, part of us. I hope she always will be.

  6. Beautiful as always, Barbara. Sorry for the late post, still catching up.

  7. wonderful post, Barbara, and wonderful picture, how on Earth did you take it?




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