Thursday 19 February 2009

Made with love. Part two

Continuing with my theme of optimism. Which, after yesterday is waning a little from its first rush. Which could also have something to do with my foot which is hurting like a §@$& today or maybe from the cramps I'm having quite a few days after my period ended which was mostly cramps and not too much bleeding. I should be glad of that but I hate that my periods are different, it makes me worry that my internal ladybits aren't working properly any more. Even though they weren't actually working properly in the first place. Bah. Roll on evilfibroidectomy.

Where was I? The optimism, where did I leave it? Coo, you put something down for a minute and... ah there it is.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement about the name tag I made for George. I never realised that such a little thing would make such a big splash!

I'm going to have to sort myself out now, get my hands dirty and do some proper work, figure out a small enough price that is big enough to make a small enough profit and set up a small shop. It feels good to do something creative again. It's a nice feeling, so it is.

And ideas would be welcome. And those of you who commented saying you would like one will be top of my list when I'm ready to go. If you still want one then... or two...

I don't have the resources at the moment to buy chains. So I was thinking of just selling the tags, as many letters as needed, around 5mm wide and 2.5 - 3cm long depending on the number of letters in the name or maybe words (faith, love, courage, etc) and I've just sent for some number stamps so some numbers too if anyone wanted a date. So you get to fill your necklace with as many tags as you want, with whatever combination of words and/or numbers as you want. I know it's all been done before, but not by me and certainly not with such rock bottom, supersaver discounts-for-friends prices as I'm hoping of thinking of promising!!! Well, I havent a clue really but will be doing much research over the next couple of weeks.

If it wasn't for losing George, if it wasn't the mean nastiness of my welcome back to work, if it wasn't for this overwhelming need to create something out of loss I wouldn't be doing this, even though making jewellery has been something I've wanted to get back into for years. It saddens me that it's taken all this to push me into doing something I love again.

Oops there goes the optimism again.


  1. I would like to order one, Barbara. Let me know how to proceed, are you setting up a paypal account or something? I would just like Samuel - 08/08/08. This is great, hope that optimism continues!

  2. How could the overseas payments be made?

  3. I would love one too Barbara.

    There are so many ways you could set it up. Maybe to start with you could set up another blog just for your jewellery. Blogs are free! and you know we would all plug your place to spread the word

    If you visit you can set up an account. It is a safe way for people to pay :)

    I can't wait to watch George's dream unfold.


  4. Thank you ladies. I do have a paypal account (must stay away from ebay!)

    I've been looking into it and I might set up a shop on Etsy(US$) or Misi(UK£). I'm leaning towards Misi ( go and see on the welcome page there are the most gorgeous pair of bootees!) because it's British based but it does accept international payments which I think get converted with paypal. Maybe. Of course there's always an ebay shop...


    Back to the research.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful plan- my list of orders is growing in my head already! Someplace like Etsy (don't know the other site but I will check it out) does seem much easier than reinventing the wheel with a site of your own.

    Good for you for turning the very sour lemons of your time amongst the cows into such beautiful lemonade.

  6. I found you through sweet Carly. The necklace is truly beautiful. You are a gifted artist. I don't want to add to any stress or cause you to feel overwhelmed, but I too, would love one. Whenever you are pressure. Only good thoughts because like Carly said, this is to honor your son. Good Luck, and thank you for sharing this dream with all of us.

  7. I still want one, Barbara :-) Please just let me know when you're ready and I'll send you some dollars (pounds!?)!
    I think Carly's blog idea is great! And you probably have enough orders through us MOA's to kick start you while you're getting the rest organised anyway. And hey, even if the 'business' side of it never gets off the ground, you can still just do them for us here..!
    Start off small they say xxx

  8. AF is different for me too now. Shorter cycles, heavier periods, rare/lighter cramps.

    I think your charms are lovely. Etsy is a good place to show them. I love to browse through Etsy, getting ideas and seeing what others are making.



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