Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Our shameful secret. A gambling habit

Today we bought one new tyre, some gearbox oil and a foot pump using a £20 gift voucher that my brother gave us for Christmas and then went for a drive to another seaside town and played for an hour on the old penny one armed bandits and the tuppence roulette and the tuppence tiny horse race that they keep in the amusement arcade on the pier. We gambled our life savings away (£4), and enjoyed ourselves inordinately.

Ray has snapped out of his "grumpression" (his word) and things were looking great. And then we got home and opened the gas bill. Bah.

Maybe we'll try the casino next time.


  1. Oh dear. I'm worried about your gambling obsession Barb. Do try to keep it in hand. I remember those machines in the arcades over there (namely Blac.kpool..).. they are fraught with danger.

    Glad you had fun. Send the gas man a few pennies, and a letter explaining your gambling habits. Sure he'll understand :-)


  2. Sorry for the high gas bill but so happy your car is back on the road.
    Better luck at the slots next time.

  3. grumpression...ha ha ha...that's ingenius...grumpy depression! I have to try that!

    Glad that you had a good time...and the bill...well!

  4. If it was Blackpool, I'm jealous. I love that town!



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