Saturday 21 February 2009

The outsider

I feel quite satisfied with the feeling that I don't belong in that work place any more with all the stress that went with it (there's a certain irony that goes with the nature of the charity I "work" for and the amount of stress they inflict on their employees but I really shouldn't mention it here... not yet anyway) and the two colleagues that look at me with something akin to distaste when I pop in to drop off another sick note. I could send the sick notes by post but I find that I want to go in there and make them feel uncomfortable, is that wrong of me?



The word nincompoop doesn't get much use any more does it? I think I might bring it back.

My boss is a nincompoop.


  1. Not mischevious, honest and brave I`d say. I`m happy that you have another 2 weeks reprieve.

  2. Nincompoop sounds like an apt description of these losers.

  3. I love that word, nincompoop! It fits so many people I know these days!

  4. Oooh golly, sometimes it feels like life is so very full of nincompoops!

    :-) x

  5. What a great photo. I feel like this so much, too.

    I have just found your blog but look forward to getting to know you better. I'm so sorry for your loss of little George((hugs))

    Thanks for your comment on my Stepping Stones site. peace- emily

  6. I love the word nincompoop! It's one of my mother's favorites too.

    You are courageous and strong, an inspiration. Thank you.



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