Tuesday 3 February 2009


About half an hour after posting yesterday's blog it snowed! Big fluffy flakes that refused to be photographed properly dammit. We dashed out to the back garden (yes that is a cliff face at the end of it) in the midst of another tiny moment of pure joy, took some photos and tried to have a snowball fight with the worlds tiniest snowballs. I know that those of you who live in countries where you get proper snow might think this is strange behaviour and yes, ok, it probably is but it really is SO rare to get snow around this town that it simply must be experienced! We have a sort of micro-climate in this bay and bad weather often passes us by.

Ooh looky snow stuck to our garden furniture!

Then we got chilly and dashed back in again.

Ray decided he wanted to go for a walk in it. Imagine a 5 year old jumping up and down excitedly whilst the adult sensible other one puts in contact lenses and several layers of warmth. (I used to live in Switzerland, I know what cold is!). We found our poor still-not-fixed-broken car under a light dusting of snow and defaced it. (I keep asking for one of those plastic strips with our names on them but for some reason Ray doesn't like them)

This is the view from across the road looking over town towards the harbour.

From the same spot looking the other way.

This is the view from along the road up around the corner, looking down at the harbour.

Home again and it was already melting. It's still cold and a teeny bit snowy here and in other parts of the county schools are closed, a hospital has cancelled appointments and there are roads closed... we don't get that much snow in the UK but when we do... the country grinds to a halt!

Looking out through our window you can just see the serial killer's 4x4 across the road. He's already cleaned it once today.

And this is our garden in June when we moved in and got pregnant the same week. Just to show you the cliff in the background.


  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing, and glad you got to play and enjoy for a bit :)

  2. Its snowing here too...I wish I could muster even an ounce of the excitement you have :-) You guys are great.

  3. Snow here, too- the peaceful kind, not the jump up and down kind. So happy for your moment of joy.

  4. I'll ship you some more - like...um...I don't know - how about 3 feet or so?

    I do remember that feeing of the first big and fluffy storm. Glad you could experience it together.

  5. Beautiful photos, it looks like a delightful place and how much I would love to visit you and Ray there. The reaction to snow (a light dusting every 15 years or so) in my part of Southern California is very similar, city comes to a screeching halt.

  6. Holy cliff! And I like the harbor view. Those house look so scrunched together! It is so different than here.

    And yay for gleeful days in the snow!

  7. I have only seen snow once in my life and I was 6!! And it had melted by lunch time. We all got sent home from school though, so that was cool. Keep me updated on the snow situation as my sister flies in to Heathrow on Saturday and she's worried her plane wont land. Not to mention it might not take off from where she lives in the first place a there is a tropical cyclone bearing down on her town!! Nice pics.

  8. Barbara, Martha, and Sally-

    We really have to get you ladies to the Northeastern US- you'll get your fill of snow and then some.

    Consider this an official invitation.

  9. I loved your post today. How exciting! I love snow! I'm like Ray! Our climate sounds similar - we get a dusting of snow every so many years - I've lived here five years and only seen it once!
    I loved your photos, and I'm glad that you shared your day with us! Can I come over for a cuppa (yeah, don't we wish!)

  10. Thanks, Dani819, for the invite, I will grab my parka and mittens and head out to the beautiful NE U.S.A.

  11. I was so happy to see your views Barbara. What an incredible place you live it. So different to where we live.

    We don't get snow here...... AT ALL!

    You take such beautiful photo's. Thank you Barbara.

    I love, love, love your blog!

  12. How gorgeous. What a view both out the front and the back? And I love snow (we don't really get it here in Australia)...

    I like Ray.


  13. Oooh now I want you all to come round for tea! (I imagine Ray would find something terribly important to do elsewhere for a while)

    I want us all to go to Danielle's for a snow party and I want us all to...

    In fact the escape committee will be organising a world tour just as soon as it wins the lottery!

    Love to you all!




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