Sunday 12 April 2009


Day 35 of cycle and no period in sight.

7 days late.

NOT pregnant.


Any one know how to make a period start?

Shall I start testing for ovulation now or hang on or count my cycle from when my period should have appeared?

If anyone has contact with the gods of menstruation could you have a word?


  1. Unfortunately, I have no contact with the menstruation gods since I have had irregular periods for the past 8 years....I am sorry for your frustration. I have heard, the more we stress about it...the longer it takes which seems an impossible task, not to stress.
    I hope it soon returns or soon you find yourself pregnant....
    My thoughts and hopes are with you...
    In Love, Brooke

  2. I'm lighting candles, putting out the prayer flags, kissing the wall, rosaries, good thoughts, magic dust, and sending what ever I can think of your way!!!!

  3. Go out for the day without tampons - that should sort it out!

  4. I would second what Hope's Mama said, except be sure to wear your favorite, most expensive g-string undies and borderline see-thru white pants. Oh, and be on a hot date. That'll be the perfect period-storm.

  5. Perfect.

    I have been carrying tampons just in case, will stop now. Might even burn them on the bbq in a fertility ritual while dancing naked around the garden (might leave out the naked bit).

    Will look out period-unfriendly clothing and underwear.

    Maybe chanting too.

  6. I wish I could see the tampon BBQ and naked dancing. Starting to think for just a millisecond that I might possibly pregnant always seems to bring mine on. That or the promise of romantic evening with the husband. Hope it comes soon!

  7. Hmmm - how about scheduling a massage - you know where you are naked under that white cloth??

  8. In all sincerity, acupuncture.

    Fingers crossed, and doing the fertility dance for you.

  9. I've heard ginger tea brings it along.

  10. B, lolol, this is the first time I have caught you with abusive spew! Guess you must be really bugged.

    I have no contact with the Menstrual was unkind to me in the previous cycle.

    I think you should just wait for AF to come over, or seek something from the doctor!

  11. ; ) Totally imagining the naked dancing and tampon burning!

  12. I think I need to bookmark this post and comments for every time I need a laugh. Great suggestions, that usually work.

    If it's any consolation B, mine STILL hasn't come. Waiting for blood work results today. Argh.

  13. Oh boooooooo to that Barbara, doing the same as caitsmom and laughing at Sally's idea! I agree with her though!

  14. These comments are making me laugh! Burning the tampons sounds like it would be a very powerful ritual!

    I'm sorry you are worried and I very much hope your concerns will be eased soon.

  15. The only cycles I've had since my teenage years have been medically induced. Sorry. The gods of menstruation hate me.

    Are you sure you aren't pregnant? Sometime things happen? Or is that just wishful thinking?

    On a funny note, I once hosted a "red party" in the hopes of bringing AF on. Red dishes, red wine, red food, a vagina cake (yes, a red cake in the shape of a vagina... I'll have to hunt up the pictures.) No period, but damn was it fun!

  16. Oh god, I so want to see the vagina cake!

    I'm definitely not pregnant, unfortunately I've done a couple of tests and we were being extra super very very careful.

  17. i would suggest you start taking your morning temperature and use

    (and keep counting until you get your period)

  18. I am terrified to ask, but what is the recipe for vagina cake?



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