Sunday 26 April 2009

The depths of my shallowness

Ray shaved his beard off last night. He disappeared for a while and came back naked-faced and grinning. He does it to prove to himself that he's not one of those guys who are so attached to beardedness that they can't shave. Ever.

It's only the second time I've seen him without his facial decoration and I can't help but stare. I think it's putting him off. It also feels quite odd kissing him. I think it's putting him off because I keep wiggling my lips around his naked upper lip.

I see George in the shape of that upper lip even more today.

Am I shallow? I love that man's face to bits and pieces but I can't wait for the beard to grow back and for Ray to look like Ray again. It won't take long: he's a rather lazy shaver.

And no, I couldn't get within a mile of him with my camera.


  1. Laughing as I read this- Alan shaved off his beard once and I couldn't stand it. I think the look on his face made him afraid to ever do it again (and he actually has quite a lovely unbearded face- it just wasn't HIM).

  2. After Ezra died, for the longest time I could not look at David's nose, because every time I stopped to really look, all I could see was Ezra's nose.

    I'm not quite sure what I'd do if David shaved off his facial hair - already people assume he's 24 not 40. With no hair, I think they'd assume I married an 18 year old :)

  3. My Dh threatens to shave off his moustache and I tell him I won't let him in the house.
    You are not shallow, sound very normal to me.

  4. Mr. Newt knows he is not allowed to shave his beard! I have told him I'm bad with faces, and I might not recognize him without it. That's enough to scare him into keeping it, the thought that I might take home the wrong husband from a party by mistake.

    Hope it grows back soon!

  5. Laughing. I was hoping for a picture! lol! I should've know better ;)

  6. Thanks for the smile!! Tommy keeps his gotee for me because I think he looks like a kid without it (but then I keep my hair long in part because he like it that way). Looks like if that makes us shallow we have company :)

  7. Not shallow... at all.

    I love seeing our babies' faces in Peter's. I actually bed him to shave, LOL. :)

  8. Sam does the same thing... except with his head. he will sneak off to the bathroom. I always squint as I open the door so I don't get a massive shock!

    I like Sam with a beard better too :)



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