Monday 27 April 2009

An hour in the life of a boy kitteh

Hey dad, you lost your furry chin. There's sandpaper underneath. Was it the vet? I've heard scary rumours about the vet, hope they aren't true. Dad?

Come on tv game dude, run faster.

I have my very own box. Boxes are good. I like boxes. You can do stuff in boxes. You can do stuff upside down in boxes.

Girl dude, this is my box, mine, mine, mine, find your own.

Awww I'll wash my foot and clean the food from my nose later... shhhhhh... must sleeeeep now...

Coming soon: an hour in the life of a girl kitteh.

Kittens names: Lix and Sketch, definitely, for sure. Probably.


  1. Totally laughing at his antics...can't wait for Miss Kitteh's musings....

  2. A very busy little guy! I love how kittens can be racing around and then fast asleep a moment later.

  3. "I've heard scary things about the vet." I love it!

  4. I love this!

    "you can do things in boxes"....made me laugh out loud!
    :) Thanks for the smile.

  5. Gosh, super cute!! Abigail, our 5 y/o Manx loves to go into dresser drawers and sleep among the socks.

  6. I'm so glad you have them! Ours look like litte ducklings following their mama lately!!!



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